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What is HTML6 and when is it due to arrive?

HTML5 is the fifth and most recent overhaul of the markup language used to present and structure web content. It was the most crucial of all the updates, given its release around the time of the mobile boom. With Adobe Flash proving to be a significant drain on resources and delivering a poor user experience, […]

What does owa owa mean on TikTok? [See here]

“Owa Owa means exactly what you are about to read in this post. TikTok has been the place where new slang, words, and phrases emerge these days. It always comes with some form of fun. Someone noted that if you want to catch up with new phrases and slang in town, be active on social […]

What does % mean in Java?

Knowing what % means in Java will help you understand the language very fast wherever you see the sign. I’m going to tell you all about what % means in Java. This is a very important concept for any developer, as it will help them understand the many divides and multiplications they will use when […]

Supercookies and how to protect your computer from them

In this article, you’ll get a detailed overview of the supercookies, how they store on your device, the dangers associated with them, and how you can protect your computer or any device from them. What are Supercookies? Supercookies are similar to tracking cookies, except it is used for more malicious purposes. Their functions and storage […]

How to remove powered by Shopify

This post promises to help you know how to remove powered by Shopify. So after reading this post, you will be able to remove powered by Shopify from the footer section of your Shopify online store completely. Many people who are into eCommerce, dropshipping are using Shopify as their preferred store and they really crave […]

How to see someone’s private Instagram

What if trending content is on Instagram and when you wanted to look it up and boom! You found out that it is a private Instagram profile. Disappointed, right? Not to worry, you learn how to see someone’s private Instagram right here. There are plenty of jists, information, news, updates as well as gossip on […]

Best time to post on TikTok

As a TikToker, you might want to know the best time to post for optimum results. Of course, that was why this post was written. After reading through this post, you know the best time to post on TikTok. You don’t want to miss that, I guess? The more reason why you need to read […]

What does the red heart mean on Snapchat

What does the red heart mean on Snapchat? You will get to find that out in this post. If you don’t know the meaning of a red heart on Snapchat, I will advise that you read on to know what red heart means on Snapchat. If you’re a conversant user of Snapchat, you’ll notice that […]