Avast secureline VPN max connection reached fix

Avast secureline VPN max connection reached

If you are getting the error message that your “Avast secureline VPN max connection reached” then stay glued and you will find the solution to your problem here.

I will share here with you the possible causes and how you can fix it.

I have been here before and found a way to circumvent this problem and I will be sharing with you all the tips right here.

You are getting into this problem because your Avast secureline activation code is used by more than the approved number of users.

Maybe you are using a shared Avast secureline activation code.

In the snapshot of the error message I got above, it was explained to me that my plan allows only 5 connections at a time.

Then only option recommended for me is to either upgrade my plan or simply disconnect from another device.

This is the second problem I’ve had since I started using Avast secureline VPN.

The first one was the case of my secureline server refusing my license file and now is the Avast secureline VPN max connection reached issue.

Anyway, let’s see how we can fix this all by ourselves.

Avast secureline VPN max connection reached fix

As said earlier, you are getting this error because you are sharing your activation code with someone else.

So here are the quick fixes:

  • Disconnect from other devices, or
  • Upgrade your Avast plan

In cases where you got the activation code online, you may not be able to reach out to people who got the activation code from the same source where you got yours.

In such cases, you will need to get a new key to activate the product.

So source for a new activation code from wherever to activate your product again.

  • You will, first of all, deactivate the activation code that is already having more than the max amount of users.
  • Then supply the new license key and connect again
Avast secureline VPN max connection reached

Once you have a new license key that is not used by too many people, you will able to deploy your Avast secureline successfully.

Alternatively, if you were using a shared license key and got the error message “secureline VPN max connection reached” you might want to exercise a bit of patience before you try to connect again.

Maybe the user at the other end must have later disconnected, therefore leaving another space for another user to hook up.

But if you were in a haste and wanted to connect to a secure network as soon as possible, then you might want to key in another license key with less or no user.

I hope this helps?

When I get the max connection reached error, this is exactly how I did it.

I hope this will help, too.

Do you have other alternatives for how to fix Avast secureline VPN max connection reached?

Be kind enough to share…