Sorry, the secureLine server has refused your license file

Sorry, the secureLine server has refused your license file

If your secureline VPN refused license file, then you are not alone.

I had this same error message on my Avast secureline VPN and I was confused about the next step to take to get my Avast secureline VPN working again.

My frustration got me involved in some sort of research that helped me to get the issue resolved.

From my research is what I will be sharing with you today exactly why avast VPN refused license file and how you can fix it.

In my case, it was very disappointing to have such an error message since I still had my 7days trial period still active.

I installed the Avast secureline VNP for the first time and I was given a 7day trial period to test the service.

But in my quest to get my securline working for more than the 7days trial period since I already loved the service, I landed on the wrong activation code that got me into this mess.

Why the secureLine server has refused your license file

The reason is simple!

You used an activation code that is not completely valid or not from the original software vendor (Avast).

If you copied the activation code from somewhere else apart from the secureline vendor, you are very likely to have this error message.

Some activation codes may be applied successfully to the software with the corresponding validity period but the server will keep on refusing your license file at the point of connecting.

That’s simply a way of telling you that the activation code you supplied is not completely valid.

Now, here is how to fix this…

Secureline VPN has refused your license file fix

What you need to do to get your Avast secureline VPN working again is to get a valid activation code for the software.

You can either buy it from Avast and be sent a valid activation code, or you get it from a friend.

There are some bloggers and YouTubers that are sharing this for free online.

While trying to source for this online, you might want to be sure because 95% of the Avast secureline VPN activation codes you will get online will be invalid.

That was exactly what I did myself.

I simply got a valid activation code to replace the defunct one and that was all.

So if your secureline VPN refused license file, then this post must have helped you a long way in fixing that.

Though if you have alternative methods to fix avast secureline error, it will be kind of you to share.

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