On FedEx vehicle for delivery — Here is what it means

On FedEx vehicle for delivery

A lot of users expecting a package from FedEx express easily get confused at this popular tracking message “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”

What does it really mean?

This post promises to share with you what “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” means so you know the next step to take.

In fact, it gets worse if all that the online tracker has to say is that your package is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” for several days.

If you are seeing “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” in your online tracker, it simply means that your package’s bar code has been scanned by the driver of the delivery vehicle and your package has been loaded on the vehicle and set for dispatch to you.

Regardless of the fact that your package has already been loaded on the delivery vehicle, there are possible reasons why your package could delay getting to you.

A typical instance is a “hard to locate” address.

Your package may be returned to the hub if the driver is having issues finding the address.

Once it is returned, it will be scheduled for delivery the next day.

A new driver will load your package the next day in his delivery vehicle and pop again on your online tracker that “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”.

Here is another point to note:

Deliveries that are made to the post office first usually show a different designation.

So if the package was sent to the post office, it will not register as “on vehicle for delivery” but as a different thing.

Until it is on the USPS vehicle to your home, you will find a different tracking designation.

Once FedEx delivers to the post office, they are done with the delivery of your package.

The post office will now be responsible for making sure that your package gets to you.

Now you don’t have any reason to panic the next time you see “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” on your online tracker, you will know how to deal with it.

If there is any part that is confusing, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be glad to explain further.

When you had this On FedEx vehicle for delivery how did you deal with it?

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