How Vast Is The Internet?

There are many things that we choose to label as the most important phenomenon in the world.

However, what is not debatable is that the internet does rank amongst the top ten phenomena on planet Earth.

Just think about it!

The first thing we do after turning off our alarms is to check our online instant messaging apps to see if any of our loved ones tried to contact us during the night.

Right after, we tell Alexa to narrate to us the weather for today so we can know how to dress up.

Then, we use online apps like Google Maps to make sure that we are following the fastest route to our destinations.

Once at work, our usage of the internet continues.

We use it to communicate with our colleagues at the office as well as with loved ones at home.

We also use it to run online tools that help us get our work done faster and better.

Even in the evenings, we use the internet to let our friends know that we are down to hang out.

Basically, there are few things that play as big a role in our lives as the internet does.

When something impacts us so much, we are bound to talk about it while having coffee at the café or while having food at the dinner table.

While certain people adore talking about the internet’s impact on kids, others like to indulge in the history of the internet.

There is yet another section of the population that is in awe of the vastness of the internet and routinely discusses its gigantic spread.

In the case that you belong to the section of internet users that we mentioned last, it is time for you to rejoice.

We say this with confidence knowing that we will be discussing exactly how vast the internet is in this article.

Internet Service Providers

The measures of how vast the internet is must include the number of internet service providers right now.

You will be surprised to know that just within the United States of America, there are as many as seven thousand internet service providers.

In total, there are ten thousand internet service providers globally.

Just a clarification, by an internet service provider, we mean brands like Xfinity internet that offer internet service to subscribers.

Geographical Presence

When someone talks about the vastness of something, the first thing that comes to mind is its geographical presence.

Believe it or not, the internet is present on all continents of the world and yes, we are considering Antarctica as a continent when we make this statement.

The internet reaches the icy continent through satellite.

Now that we think about it, the internet is also available at the International Space Station (ISS)!

If we consider the metaverse, we can say that the internet exists out of this universe.

After all, the metaverse’s functioning takes place using the internet!


The internet, as the largest network in the world, is used by a huge number of people.

If you want a number, here you go: there are at the very least five billion users of the internet in the world.

This means that a child being born right now will have a much higher likelihood of becoming an internet user than not.

Alongside, the proportion of internet users worldwide is only expected to grow as the internet becomes more and more accessible.

Besides the number of internet users, the diversity of backgrounds internet users belong to is also impressive.

You will find the internet in the first world and the third world.

Alongside, you will find the internet in the Islamic world as well as the Christian world.

Connected Devices

Another measure of the vastness of the internet is the number of devices connected to it.

The number of devices connected to the network of networks is actually thirty-five billion – seven times larger than the number of people connected to it.

Just like in the case of the internet’s growth in terms of population, the internet’s growth in terms of connected devices is also expected to be very fast.

Thus, do not be surprised if this number is much higher than the figure of thirty-five billion in five years’ time.

Wrapping Up

We are optimistic that this article has helped you appreciate how vast the internet’s presence really is.