What does in transit mean on FedEx tracking?

in transit mean on FedEx

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In transit meaning on FedEx tracking

Anything that is in transit is something that is in a moving vehicle.

That’s basically what it means.

I know you just wanted to be sure of your thought.

Now you know.

Though on the official FedEx website, I found this:

If your shipment’s tracking status is “In Transit,” it signifies your package is on its way to its delivery point.

It does not always indicate that your shipment is in transit, such as on an airplane or a truck; it could be at a FedEx facility.

When a delivery arrives in a distribution center, Fedex inspects it and updates the tracking information with the center’s name.

A package “in transit” is one that is being transported from one distribution facility to another in order to be delivered.

The phrase sounds explanatory, but you might want some more elaboration to better understand what “in transit mean on FedEx tracking”.

When you create a FedEx label, it says “billing info received” in the tracking section.

Tracking indicates a “pick-up or origin” scan when FedEx gets control of the package.

When the package arrives at its final destination, it is marked “out for delivery” and later “delivered.”

Every scan between pick-up and delivery is deemed “in transit” while the package passes through the system.

I hope this explains what in transit on FedEx means.

I’m sure you will not panic the next time you see this in your tracking section.