Out for delivery meaning in USPS, DHL, and FedEx

Out for delivery

Most times, you get to wonder what “Out for delivery” means when an item you ordered took several weeks to arrive even after being marked as “out for delivery”.

In this post, I will explain to you what out for delivery means when you see it in USPS, DHL, FedEx and other delivery companies.

I’ve personally been in this situation where I place an order online and within a few hours I got a message in my tracking status that my purchase is “out for delivery” and I was like “Mehn that was quick” only to wait for weeks.

You are not alone so do not panic.

What we want out for delivery to mean

When we get that message in our tracking status, we should wear a smiling face that our product is already in a delivery van on the way to our address for delivery.

The actual meaning of out for delivery is that the item has left the factory or the warehouse where we ordered it from.

Literarily, out for delivery should mean that a van is out to deliver what we ordered because everyone wants to get their ordered item as soon as possible.

You can’t just wait to have fun with whatever item you ordered.

But that is not the case.

What it simply means is that it has left the warehouse/factory where you ordered it.

The item or product still needs to go through some processes before it gets to you and that could take some days or weeks as the case may be.

Your item still needs to be taken to the port, then to a big postal warehouse, then to the one that is close to your house, then a dispatch rider or van will deliver it to your specified home or office address.

So the next time you order something online and get “out for delivery” in your tracking status, you should not panic as you know exactly what this means.

Have you ever had this message in your tracking status?

Did it take too long to arrive?

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