Red veins on eyelids — Here are the causes

Have some red veins on your eyelids?

You will probably want to know the cause and a possible solution if you do not like it.

Even if you found this in the eyelid of a friend or colleague.

Its cause is pretty relative, so after reading through you will get to find that out as this post specifically tackles red veins on eyelids.

It’s possible that veiny eyelids are a genetic trait.

They can also be caused by a variety of circulatory abnormalities, such as autoimmune illness, other health difficulties, and natural aging.

Loss of fat in the eyelids can also result in more noticeable, veiny eyelids.

If you are experiencing red veins on your eyelids and you are out to understand what is happening to your eyes, you are on the right page.

Red veins on the eyelids are a common issue in the household for both males and females.

Though it is common, it requires attention as well.

There are a number of reasons this may occur to anyone.

Let’s discuss the red veins on eyelids causes

The cause of red veins on eyelids is still largely unknown but there are pointers that can help us to understand possible explanations for the experience.

I believe if you are able to grasp the explanation on why and how it occurs, it should be sufficient knowledge for you on the subject matter.

It has been argued that aging is one of the fundamental causes or reason why red veins occur on eyelids.

The science behind this argument is that skin loosens out as age increases especially once you hit age 30.

This is traced to the loss of collagen which affects the elasticity too.

So, the skin becomes thinner, including the skin around the eyes.

This will in turn reveal the presence of the veins.

Therefore aging is a possible factor in this matter.

In addition to aging, another reason you may have red veins on eyelids may be the unethical use of the eyes.

This ranges from long time screen watch, rubbing of eyes too frequently, facing too bright light with the naked eye, reading in dim light, etc.

All of these can strain the eyes and bulge the veins around the eye.

So, if you engage in any of the mentioned acts, it’s high time you stopped because it can lead to other complications.

Also, high blood pressure popularly known as hypertension is another probable cause of red veins on eyelids.

This is true especially when it is left untreated.

Untreated hypertension may cause increased inflammation in the body and it is possible for it to spread to the eyelid area.

When it does, red veins on eyelids will result.

So, you may need to check yourself if there are traces of hypertension once you see red veins bulging on your eyelids.

Furthermore, the sun may have an adverse effect on the eye if viewed with the naked eye.

One of such effects is the red veins on eyelids.

The sun may really impact the eyes because of the ultraviolet rays.

If you are having this and you stay too long under the sun, it may be the reason.

Simply change your lifestyle to accommodate a change that can help you.

Aside from these general reasons or causes of red veins on eyelids, there may be other reasons which may be unique to individuals.

Hence, the need to consult the medical personal like an optician or dermatologist as the case may be.

Because of the uniqueness of our individual body systems, certain medical issues may not always follow the general path for some.

Hence the need to understand your body and its responses.