Who invented walking — The ancient history

Who invented walking?

Here, you will not only know who invented walking but will also read about the ancient history of walking.

It is particularly funny that you are asking the question of who invented walking.

I believe some things are natural to some species.

As human beings, it is normal for us to walk, eat, sleep, run, etc and it is somehow to say someone invented these activities.

If you want to say someone invented it, then it should be the very first man.

Can a man invent his nature?

I don’t think so.

This is why I don’t believe walking was invented by anyone.

You possibly believed Charles Darwin who said Man transformed into what he is today.

That is not true and can not be true.

If man transformed into what he is today, why has he not transformed into something else over the centuries after his postulates?

Some people have attributed the invention of walking to 1938.

That’s ridiculous.

Are you saying people never walked before 1938?

It was attributed to a man named Alberto Scorfano.

What a funny one!

His parents never walked or the people in his time never walked?

This is ridiculous and I don’t know how anyone can be deceived into believing such.

Some other people believed it was an animal called Tiktaalik that invented walking.

According to them, it was about 375 million years ago.

They said it was as a result of this creature walking out of water that walking was invented.

Again, I ask how people could believe this.

The people took note of walking out of the water, were they crawling?

Another report has it that walking was invented about 1.5 million years ago.

This traced to a footprint found on a former shore in Kenya.

However, it is believed that the footprint belongs to the Ancestors.

This is not so popular as other postulates.

It puts the invention of walking to have taken place in Africa.

No particular name is attached as the inventor.

There was another story of the walking invention which puts Albert Ignatious Osselwalker as the inventor of walking.

It says his horse threw him on the floor in 1426 and refused to move.

Albert then rose on his two legs making him the first man that ever did that.

He tried walking and that’s how he invented walking.

Is that not funny?

I am amazed that people can believe such.

Well, let’s make this clear.

Walking wasn’t invented by anyone.

It’s our nature to walk and if you want to attribute the walking invention to a name, then think about the first man.

At least the first man must have walked.

When we talk about the first man, the only name that comes to mind is Adam.

That’s the Bible account of creation.

Any other name is a joke and should not be taken seriously.

Well, if science can provide the name of the first man that ever lived, then he should be given the title of the inventor of walking.

As side this, no one should claim and be ascribed as the inventor of walking.

Walking is as old as man himself and it is an inbuilt activity.

Every normal man must walk.