8 Easy Tools For Translating Your Website Content

Website translation sounds easier than it is. In reality, a website translation should more closely resemble website localization.

Different audiences, especially if they come from different cultures and regions, will have other preferences for the images you may use, the titles and headings, and the text’s structure.

Make sure to hire a professional translation company to do this job for you.

1.  Xbench

Xbench is a partly free solution that scans your text for any mistakes it can find.

It searches for typos, grammar mistakes, and text inconsistencies and saves you both time and effort of manually going through the texts and seeing all the errors by yourself.

It also keeps your translation choices so that you do not have to retype phrases endlessly.

The importance of website localization cannot be overstressed, but the same goes for proper language and grammar.

2.  StayFocused

StayFocused is a solution that forces you to – Stay Focused.

This Chrome extension enables you to dedicate a certain period to your idling activities, such as watching Netflix or YouTube.

Once the time has passed, the website is blogged, and you cannot visit it until the next day.

3.  SmartCat

SmartCat is a solution for collaborative translators.

It enables loading glossaries, dividing tasks, and following the entire project as it enters different phases in completion.

It even allows machine-assisted translation that saves you time and energy.

4.  BoothMate

BoothMate is a combination of a machine-assisted translators helper app and an automatic glossary formatting app.

It can analyze a text, extract phrases that it thinks you may need during your work, and offer them to your revision and translation.

It memorizes your choices and syncs them to the cloud so that your work is never lost.

The result: time saved while you got a chance to provide a high-quality piece of translation to your clients.

5.  PDFescape

PDFescape escapes from the limiting format that PDF can be.

You may have tried to edit a PDF and have realized what a difficult task this can be.

PDFescape enables you to edit PDFs directly in the app itself.

You can add text, images, make corrections, even draw on the document itself.

This is very useful in translating whatever type of document you may have.

6.  Grammarly

Grammarly is an amazing tool when it comes to online editing of any of your documents.

It proofreads on the go, offers options for correcting the style of the text, grammar mistakes, typos, and even paraphrases entire sentences to make sure the text is consistent and follows a specific style.

This app is a must for anybody working with text out there.

7.  TermWiki Toolbar

This free software solution lets you search for terms in over 150 industries and 90 languages.

It is completely free and can be installed on most browsers.

It can save you a lot of time and increase your efficiency, especially if you translate a large, heavily specialized website.

8.  TMXEditor

TMXEditor allows you to edit translation memories that you may have saved with the .tmx extension.

The solution enables you to merge multiple .tmx files into one and is a great thing if you need to work on several similar projects for one or more clients.

It is a great thing to have in website translation since it lets you transfer some of the translations saved to another project.


Regardless of the niche, you’re in and the size of your website, translation and localization offer you new opportunities to grow.

Ensure professionals do the job and use as many tools as you can.

This will ensure that your readership gets the consistency and the quality that they are used to and that you keep thriving for years to come.