TD bank locations in California

Maybe you moved to California recently and want to know the TD bank locations in California, this post will help you with that and more.

Not just about sharing the TD bank locations in California, but also share with you how to operate a TD bank account from California.

The straightforward answer to this question is that you cannot find any TD bank office or ATM in California as there is none existing.

You can find TD bank stores in locations like Florida and Maine.

But if you have a TD bank credit and credit card, then you are good to live in California even though you do not have any branch in this location.

You can always reach out to the bank on the phone if you have any issues you would want them to resolve.

How to operate a TD bank account from California

Money deposit – Since you do not have any physical branch of TD bank in California, the only way that you can fund your TD bank account is to make the deposit in another bank account, maybe yours or that of a friend, and then do an online transfer to your TD bank.

Then you can have the electronic fund in your account for any transaction you would want to do.

Here are some of the apps and ways that you can do a free online transfer.

  • Square cash
  • Venmo

You can download these apps for free cash transfers.

Withdrawal – You can take the reverse of the step you took for money deposit for withdrawal.

If you just moved to California with funds in your TD bank account and later want to withdraw the fund, the only option is to transfer the fund to another bank account and withdraw.

However, most ATMs in California can withdraw but with a service charge.

The exchange fee also applies to withdrawals.

From there, you can also have access to TD online banking.

A friend shared his experience of how he opened an account when he moved in with one of the top banks in CA because some of the small banks there do not deal with foreign transactions.

Stage Coach Bank is cool but any other big bank that appeals to you is fine.

Now you know there are no TD bank locations in California but you can apply all of these tips and still operate your TD bank account from California.

Do you have some more questions?

Feel free to ask.