Importance of Asians getting haircuts from Asian barbers

Do you know it is actually important for Asians to get their haircuts from Asian barbers?

You will discover that in this post.

If you are asking how it is for Asians to get haircuts from Asian barbers then you will have to read on as you will get to find that out later in this post.

Before I go ahead and share with you the importance.

I shared some Asian hair salons near me some time ago.

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How important is it for Asians to get haircuts from Asian barbers?

It is really important in America, especially for an Asian American male like myself.

I’ve never gotten a flattering haircut from a non-East Asian hairdresser in the United States as a regular guy who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on luxury hair salons.

It’s a real problem that I’ve been bothered with for a while, and I’m hoping that some of you startup guys can help me fix it.

I’ve driven all around looking for a nice hairdresser, changing places every time till I discovered the one I’m currently using.

My hair is stiffer and thicker than white people’s hair, especially when it’s short, and white people’s hairstyles make me look like someone I’m not.

The nicest haircut I’ve ever had was from a white (and likely gay) hairdresser in Helsinki, Finland.

In the United States, near where I attended college, a great middle-aged white male barber had an appointment-only policy.

He still used paper and pencil, but his schedule was always booked days ahead of time.

He made all of my white male pals appear good, but I thought I came off as a little too WASPy and preppy for my liking.

My hair was cut short by an overweight Latino barber to make me look “Latino.”

I was made to look “fobby” by a “fobby” Chinese barber as if I were from one of those too sappy Mandopop music videos.

I only use Asian American hairstylists. Or snobby Korean hairstylists.

Everyone else will mess up my hair, based on my 10+ years of experience.

It’s vital since Asian hair differs from Western hair (particularly East Asian hair).

Asian hair is coarse and straight, “hangs” differently, is difficult to curl and color, and requires a lot of hair spray to keep its shape.

Furthermore, many Asian people’s heads have a flat back, therefore if the hair is cut to match the shape of the head, it will look flat in the back.

Thick, blunt Asian hair should often be thinned or layered, or you’ll wind up with something that looks like the “Asian bowl”

In summary, it is not necessary that you use an Asian barber, but any barber/hairdresser with adequate skills to handle Asian hairs.

I’m not sure how our hair is different (does anyone know the science behind it?)

However, because Western and Asian hair looks different after being cut, they will look different even if cut in the same way, which is why Asians in non-Asian countries are likely to be satisfied only by Asian barbers.

Now you know the importance of Asians getting haircuts from Asian barbers.

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