List of Asian hair salons near me

Asian hair salons

If you are an Asian living in America, you might want to know how close an Asian hair salon is to you.

In this post, I will share with you get a list of Asian hair saloons and in the list, one of them will be close to you.

Instead of searching for “Asian hair salons near me” just bookmark this page and make reference to it each time you need to visit an Asian salon.

Google will also give you some recommendations of Asian hair salons near me.

To leverage this, you must have the location of your device turned on so they can see your current location and know the best recommendations to share with you.

However, this page contains some of the Asian salons I know with their address and contact details.

Asian hair salons near me

Here is a list of Asian hair salons you can visit today for your Asian hair-related needs.

— Paul’s Salon Asian hair

Paul’s salon Asian hair is located at 8108 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130.

And it’s open from 10 am each day.

A satisfied customer once shared a review about Paul’s salon and said:

Really professional for Asian hairstyles!!
Need to schedule for services in advance

So for your Asian hair needs, you do not need to schedule an appointment but simply walk into Paul’s salon and walk out satisfied.

— EZsu Hair 1

Here is another place with great Asian hair skills.

They are located in Texas, and they are open between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm.

So you can take a walk to where they are located within the operational hours.

— Mitsuru-Hairmates

You can trust Mitsuru-Hairmates for all your Asian hair needs.

In fact, some customers said they will only trust Mitsuru-Hairmates for their Asian hair needs.

— Park Jun Korean Hair Salon

They open from 9 am.

If you have the need to have your hair done earlier than that, you might want to schedule an appointment.

They are in Illinois, so if you are around that location, you might want to consider them.

— Fashion Hair Salon

This is an Asian salon in Memphis, Tennessee.

They offer great Asian hair cut at a pocket-friendly price.

The fun part is that she is Asian and specializes in Asian hair.

Other lists of Asian hair salons

  • Bangz Hair Salon
  • Windy Hair Salon
  • Jade Salon

Which salone in your locality offers Asian hair services?

Be kind enough to talk to us about it.

Meanwhile, here is the importance of Asians getting haircuts from Asian barbers.