InVideo review: Make the creative using online video editor

Every marketer knows how vital video marketing is in today’s internet world.

Video marketing is an excellent strategy for building your client base, generating sales, and ultimately opening up doors of opportunities for your brand.

With the evolution of technology, you can find over a plethora of editing tools to create professional and creative videos without needing an expert.

InVideo is one such impeccable editing platform that allows users to make some of the most phenomenal videos.

Explore below everything you need to know about this editing platform to make only the most knowledgeable and unique videos.

Understanding InVideo

InVideo is a professional video editor that allows individuals to make premium-quality videos with ease.

One doesn’t have to be an expert to create professional videos.

InVideo boasts a myriad of features that work towards helping you create some of the most appealing videos effortlessly.

From a plethora of templates to platform-specific dimensions, you can ensure that your video editing experience is as hassle-free as possible.

Moreover, the personalization feature allows you to make some of the most unique and creative videos.

The online video creating tool is a quintessential aspect of creating engaging videos for your viewers.

The video software provides an interactive user interface to help beginners and professionals create exceptional videos.

This tool is a game-changer for creating videos that will lure your target audience into hearing your brand out.

Features of InVideo

InVideo comprises a wide range of features that will leave you astonished.

These features include the following:

  • Article to video
  • Pre-Made templates
  • Media library
  • Audio tools
  • Speed merge
  • Speed adjustment
  • Text overlay
  • Font quote templates
  • Fonts
  • Visual effects
  • 1000+ stickers
  • Enhancements
  • Shapes
  • Upload photos and videos

How Does InVideo Work?

InVideo is a very easy-to-access software used to create videos as per your brand requirements.

By understanding the basics of the software, you can make videos quickly and effortlessly. Generally, InVideo works in 3 primary steps.

  1. The very first step that you must look into while using this software is to choose a template. Thanks to the versatile nature of this software, you can choose from over 4000 templates according to what suits your brand and style altogether. Get access to customized templates and incorporate colors, pictures, images, and much more and create a template just like you want to. All you have to do first is spend a few minutes choosing the right template that aligns well with your brand.
  2. The second and most crucial step is customization. Customization, as the word suggests, is the process of making your videos much more personalized as per your company preferences. From adding texts to the video to incorporating photos, music, and even videos, customize your video as much as you can to showcase a much more unique side of your brand to customers. Stand out among your prospective clients by adding quirky and fun-loving logos, fonts, and colors.
  3. The last and rather easy step of using this software is to export and simultaneously upload your videos. All you need to do is download the video through the software or directly export it to your social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Once you upload your videos, all you have to do is sit back and relax while your video speaks to your target audience and lures them into investing in your brand.
Primary Features of InVideo

InVideo is advanced editing software that boasts a multitude of features that will leave you awestruck.

Given below are some of the most phenomenal features of this software that you might want to take a look at.

1. Extensive Option of Templates

InVideo offers over 4000 exquisite templates to make your experience as worthwhile as possible.

Each and every template that you will come across is unique, creative, and will give you the chance at making only the most striking videos.

Moreover, there is a high possibility that you can avoid clashing templates with your competitors as this software offers abundant templates.

Furthermore, all these templates cover about every other industry existing in the marketplace so that you can find the right template for your brand.

The customization often, additionally, is the ultimate game-changer if you’re looking to put your creativity and vision into your videos.

2. Automatic text-to-video Conversion Feature

A wide range of templates is not the only thing that InVideo has to offer.

Every marketer who is looking forward to changing their strategy to video marketing can convert their written content into videos with ease.

Transform articles and blog posts into some of the most engaging and stunning videos with one single click.

The text-to-video tool that this software offers allows you to quickly transform written content into videos with a very natural-sounding voice.

Moreover, the tool automatically selects images to match the text.

Automation is an exceptional element that InVideo offers you.

3. Full Control and Flexibility

What makes InVideo one of the most used tools is the mere fact that it is easy to use.

The platform consists of straightforward functions that make your experience as seamless as possible.

For instance, features like the drag-and-drop editor are useful for creating some of the most appealing and eye-catching videos.

Users can also incorporate music, videos, tests, and pictures into their videos to make them as engaging and fun as possible.

Furthermore, the platform is compatible with all languages, thereby making it inclusive of all regions.

Bottom Line

Video Marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that marketers can use to leverage their advertising plan.

Making high-quality, professional, and most importantly- engrossing videos is the key to catching the attention of your prospective clients.

Convert leads with ease by simply making use of InVideo to create videos that will leave your audience struck.

InVideo is a leading editing platform that can be used to boost your marketing strategy, generate leads, and ultimately, attain optimal success.

This article was sponsored by Invideo Innovation Pte. Ltd.