Top 10 things to know about Persian women

How well do you understand and know Persian women?

Whenever the word “Persia” comes up, lots of people are too quick to think about history.

Looks like someone wants to visit history.

Though Persia may not be in existence by nomenclature the regions covered by then Persia exist toll to date.

The known old Persia is what is called Iran today.

Specifically, we will take a short at the women in this region.

Let’s learn ten things about them (Persian women).

Well, if you haven’t met any Persian woman in person, the piece may give you some tips to know them ahead.

But I must add quickly, some of these things may not reflect the entirety of the Persian women.

This is because time has changed and things have evolved.

— The women in this region are beautiful.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder I must add that beauty in this respect is something that reflects this region.

There is a way they look and they are beautiful with it.

— Girls in this region of Persia now called Iran are allowed to get married by their law from age 13.

Sounds early, right?

Well, even with this provision, most of them get married around age 26 upwards.

— A divorced woman in Iran will eventually be taken to her father.

Although this is not done immediately.

She will be given some time to heal.

Based on the law, if she has a girl child, she can stay with the mother till age 2 and a male child is till age 7.

— Interestingly, the female folks in Iran are a lot educated.

They make up more than 50% of the total student population.

The number of females being educated is increasingly surpassing the records year in year out.

— Despite the female folks being more when you check the statistics of the educated.

The laws still give them free will to choose whether to work or not while men are forced to work.

It means men must work but a lady may decide not to work.

— I find it interesting to learn that many Iranian women are not able to go out without the presence of their husbands.

It means the husband must accompany them as they go about.

This is either for the identity of being married or security.

— Please take note, women in this old Persia location are not allowed to take part in s*xual activities except they are married.

Well, I really don’t know how this is regulated but that’s the law of the land.

— Iranian women were not originally allowed to open their faces in public.

But in recent times, they have been opening their faces.

Although with their body well covered.

This may have originated from Sharia law.

— You will definitely find Ijab on the females.

The ijab helps them to cover their head and sometimes their faces especially the married ones.

Even with the ijab, they are still well dressed.

— Women are not allowed to move together with men in buses or taxis.

Men must travel separately and women too.

There are buses or taxis for women.

This is to avoid interactions with the opposite sex in public.

Now that you know these things about Persian women, what do you make of it?

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