Is Farfetch legit? Find out here & how it works

Is Farfetch legit?

This is one of the questions that linger in the minds of potential customers or customers who have placed orders and yet to have their items delivered.

In this post, I will share with you some of the experiences shared by real-time customers so you can use these shared experiences to determine whether or not Farfetch is legit.

That is the information needed, I guess?

Then you must stay glued to this page and read between the lines so you do not miss anything.

First of all, I have to tell you what Farfetch is so you don’t get confused in the course of digesting this information.

What Farfetch is

Farfetch is a British-Portuguese online luxury fashion retailer with over 700 stores and brands from across the world.

They have dedicated categories for both men and women shopping.

So when you are shopping at Farfetch, you can choose the shopping category that is relevant to you.

Farfetch is a platform that brings together creators, retailers, and buyers from all around the world.

This platform caters to fashionistas and focuses on high-end designer items that can be fairly costly.

You have the right to know if the platform is real and if you are getting an original or a good replica before you spend a significant amount of money on new clothing.

Anyway, I believe must have had background information about Farfetch before coming to ask if it is legit or not.

Let’s get into answering the question if Farfetch is legit.

As said in the earlier paragraph of this article, the legitimacy of Farfetch will be gauged based on real-time customers.


Is Farfetch legit?

Yavorskiy, a customer who recently bought from Farfetch shared his experience that he does not care whether they are fake or not.

He said ever since he made his purchase that he has not received his item, yet their system marked the item as delivered.

While the whole truth remains that he has not received the item at all.

Then he made several attempts to reach out to the customer support via email and phone and they all proved abortive.

Saying no one was willing to help.

He also added that he is not even aware of where the delivery mand dumped the item if it was even out for delivery.

Yavorskiy went ahead to advise potential customers to be aware of the business model.

That was the case of Yavorskiy with Farfetch.

How about mine?

Personal experience with Farfetch

I ordered 2 pairs of Nikes from Farfetch because the designs are unique and not available in my own country.

The sneakers are definitely authentic; I walked into a Nike store and the salesgirl inquired where I got them because they are special editions (I was not even aware) and due to high demand, they could not keep it in stock.

She even took a deeper look and stated that they were not replicas.

Because of the terrible delivery reviews, I was given a track order from the delivery company that was in charge of my shipment (DHL Express).

DHL notified me that my item had arrived one day late from Lithuania.

It wasn’t a problem with Farfetch.

In my case, it was not a problem with Farfetch but with the delivery company that was handling my shipment.

Are Farfetch times real?

When it comes to its partners, the platform has very high standards.

It only works with high-quality brands to ensure that you receive only high-quality goods.

FarFetch is not able to work with all stores because of some set standards.

They must meet a variety of requirements, ranging from clothing quality to safety and speed.

When a store becomes a FarFetch partner, it indicates that they are very competent and trustworthy.

So, in response to your question, the things on the website are genuine.

When you buy a Gucci dress from FarFetch, you’re getting the exact dress you’d get if you went into a Gucci store in Rome.

Needless to spend on air tickets.

How FarFetch works

All legal information, such as company numbers and the address of their registered office in London, is available on their website.

They are also represented in over ten countries, including the United States.

FarFetch does not, however, have a physical store.

It acts as a middleman between you and your affiliated retailers and designers.

All of the things you see on FarFetch are available in stores, multi-stores, and creator stores worldwide.

When you shop with FarFetch, you’re buying from one of their partners, whether it’s a designer or a fashion retailer.

The items will be shipped directly from the store to you.

Despite the fact that FarFetch does not have complete control over the delivery process, it maintains strict security standards to verify that its partners are genuine.

Some of the largest brands in the fashion business, such as Balenciaga, Versace, and Prada, are among FarFetch’s partners.

The platform began in the United Kingdom in 2007 with only 25 partner stores.

It grew into a trusted platform with over 700 partners around the world over time.

There are 200 direct brands working with FarFetch out of this total, and others are retailers from all across the world.

We also believe that if they weren’t trustworthy, big names wouldn’t partner with them.

A fraudulent platform would likewise find it difficult to continue in business and avoid court cases for more than a decade.

But really is Farfetch legitimate and safe?

It can be challenging to find the right e-commerce platform in a sea of them.

FarFetch is a legitimate option, we guarantee you.

His partners are reliable, and he has a reasonable return policy.

They’re a legitimate company that sells genuine products.

They sell to a number of boutiques all over the world.

I’ve bought from them several times… Some goods arrived from Europe, while others came from the United States (like NYC, Miami).

Usually, they’ll include a link to the store from where the item is being shipped.