Face combiner websites to morph faces together

If you are searching for a face combiner, you are probably a photo freak like one of my friends.

There are face combiner apps that can help you morph faces together on different operating systems.

But this post is about face combiner websites where you can morph two faces together.

I mean, you will not need to download any app to your device.

That’s exactly what you want, right?

I will list some of the face combiner websites in this post so you can visit them and start morphing.

At the end of the article, you can also add so good websites that you know that offer the services of morphing two faces together.

First of all, I think it is important that we explain what morphing means exactly.

“Morph” might sound a bit strange to some people, especially non-indigenous speakers.

What morph means

It is important that you know so that when you hear morphing two faces together, you will not get more confused.

In simple and clear terms, morphing means smoothly transiting from one image to the other gradually using computer animation skills.

Now you will no longer be confused when you hear face morphing, or when a friend asks you if you know of any face combiner websites to morph faces together.

Now that you know this, let’s get straight to the list of websites.

Websites to morph faces together

In the course of researching for this article, I found 5 websites as face combiner websites to morph two faces together.

That is the exact list that I will leave you with.

Please note that none of those service websites have sponsored or paid me to promote.

I discovered this in the course of researching to write this article.

All of the websites shared above do not require any type of download to be able to use their services.

Another thing worthy of note is that those websites are only for those who need immediate or quick editing and aren’t familiar with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

FaceFilm and MixBooth are amazing tools for face combination.

Though in their case, they are apps, not like the first 4 in the list of websites I shared.

FaceFilm is a simple program that lets you merge faces together and record the process.

The transitions between images are really smooth, and the effects are rather amazing while MixBooth is a fantastic and amusing app that allows you to mix two faces on your Android device.

Mix your face with photos of friends, family, coworkers, celebrities, or the example photos given by MixBooth.

Which other face combiner websites do you know that can efficiently morph faces together?

Please be kind enough to share.