Facemorpher.com lets you morph faces together

Facemorpher.com is one of the face-merging websites out there.

They even made it to my list of face combiner websites.

So on this page, you will get to find out what you can really do with Facemorpher.com

With Facemorpher.com, you can create amazing face animations and morph them all together.

It’s a lot of fun to morph photos of one face into another.

The process of morphing is the creation of a smooth animated transition from one image to another.

You can use morphing to generate spectacular effects for your home videos, visual gags for your pals, and a distinctive animated avatar to represent yourself in online groups.

You may easily come up with a slew of more amusing applications on your own.

Many professional applications are available for creating video effects.

They create fantastic animations that are featured in multi-million dollar films.

However, there is a drawback.

These programs demand the hiring of a superstar operator.

To become comfortable with a professional video editing program’s interface and functionality, you’ll need to spend years studying it.

Even a simple morphing application is insufficient for modifying faces for entertainment purposes.

To properly morph one face into another, you must first mark a number of locations.

You must indicate to the victim’s eyes, nose, lips, and other prominent facial features.

Manually marking the spots gives the best quality, but it can take hours!

Who wants to have fun when it means putting in so many hours of effort?

Is this truly amusing?

And we’re all aware of the high expense of professional film tools!

FaceMorpher.com is a website that makes face morphing enjoyable.

It automatically estimates the basic locations.

If you like, you can fine-tune the spots.

The automatically estimated places, on the other hand, provide an animation that is designed and appropriate for amateur movies or web graphics in the vast majority of circumstances.

The program is also completely automated.

Simply load a collection of photos and let FaceMorpher Multi recognize the images as faces.

The application then renders the animation after you start the morphing process.

For your website, you can save the output as an AVI file, an animated GIF image, or a Flash presentation.

Fast, uncomplicated, painless, and low-cost.

Facemorpher.com web version

The FaceMorpher Web edition was created with online morphing Web applications in mind.

FaceMorpher web edition detects facial elements in submitted photographs and generates a morphing animation that may be seen on a website.

With the provided WEB API, example code, and explicit instructions, the integration is simple and quick.

To schedule a demo, please contact Luxand Inc.

Facemorpher.com lite

If you don’t want to morph numerous photos, this is the option for you.

Do you want an application that will only morph two photos?

FaceMorpher Lite is a free version of FaceMorpher.

It’s as simple as loading two photographs and pointing to the faces you wish to morph.

Consider how spectacular effects could be added to your home video.

Have you ever filmed a wedding?

Try morphing the bride into a little girl and the groom into a little girl, or morphing the groom and the bride together to see how their children will appear.

Transform your buddies into politicians, movie stars, or prominent singers to amuse them.

Use morphs to express yourself.

FaceMorpher Lite is the world’s first fully automated image morphing program.

It’s designed to work with people’s faces.

There’s no need to set up control points by hand.

FaceMorpher Lite analyzes photos and recognizes elements of faces that should be morphed into each other using artificial intelligence.

To put it another way, all you need to do is load two photos and point to the faces you want to use.

Now all you have to do is to download FaceMorpher Lite.