Founding Titan power: Attack on Titans

This time we will tell you in detail about one of the strongest powers within the Shingeki no Kyojin anime, this is none other than that of the Founding Titan.

What is the power of the Founding Titan in Shingeki no Kyojin?

All fans of Shingeki no Kyojin, better known as Attack on Titan have enjoyed the amazing story.

The story marked a before and after in the anime world.

After it ended, many fans were shocked by each of the revelations that emerged in every chapter in the last season.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that at the beginning of the series, we had many doubts that were clarified as the chapters came to our hands.

Some fans have not been able to finish the series for one reason or another, so they do not know what the power of the Founding Titan is and how it originated.

We will give you the gist.

It goes without saying that if you are here, it is because you have already watched most of the anime, otherwise it will result in a great spoiler bomb, so be warned.

The earth is in chaos and ravaged by the Titans, humanoid giants that devour humans.

The teenager Eren Jaeger, after suffering the destruction of his city and the loss of his mother at the hands of the Titans.

He dedicated his time to destroy them and end the threat that endangers the survival of humanity.

The Founder of Titan is one of the nine titans and the most powerful of them, he possesses the ability to create pure titans and to control the actions of these, as well as to modify the memory of the people of Ymir.

However, he is not alone, as the Beast Titan can transform individuals into titans by injecting his cerebrospinal fluid.

Therefore, there are several ways to continue creating Titans.

The Founding Titan power can only be used by individuals belonging to the royal line of The Day, though under certain circumstances it can be activated by any other descendant of Ymir Fritz.

Currently, the Founder of Titan is Eren Jaeger.

The only way to obtain one of these powers is by devouring its wielder.

Little by little, Eren is adding various powers such as the Attack Titan and the Warhammer Titan.

After many years, the Fritz family adopted the Reiss surname while retaining the authority of the Founding Titan.

Marley possessed seven titans till he chose to recruit many soldiers in the Shiganshina district in order to obtain the Founding Titan, who was unknowingly under Eren Jaeger’s control.

Attack on the Titans tells everything that happened since the Colossal Titan attacked the Maria wall, Eren’s determination to enter the Exploration Corps, and his firm intention to finish off all the Titans.

So all fans were shocked to see that Eren obtained this power after devouring his father.

With these powers he obtained from his father, He has all the freedom he wanted. He may bring back to life the previous heirs of the Nine Titans, he can control all the Titans, and he can also heal himself.

Although, Eren only discovered these powers on his first actual battle against the Titans.