10 Best Gadgets for College Students

Like it or not, another school year has begun.

Of course, backpacks, pens, and notebooks are always on the shopping list, but technology is also a part of today’s school and student equipment.

So, we looked for technological things that bring a little fun, motivation in life or make routine daily tasks easier.

External Hard Drive

Each of us has more and more photos, documents, presentations, tables, music, movies, programs, video games, and much more every day, and all that needs to be stored somewhere.

Also, all these digital data need an appropriate level of security to avoid damage or permanent loss.

In addition, it is necessary to provide easy and fast access to data and transfer it from one device to another.

An external HD will help you feel more comfortable and secure in your digital world.

In addition, recording on the disk can be very useful for college students who attend online lessons, as is the case during the epidemic of COVID-19 disease.

So, record the lectures and watch them again or watch them later.

Reusable Textbooks

Students who prefer writing to typing can have the best of both worlds, physical and digital, with Rocketbook by Everlast and will save some wood along the way.

The Rocketbook looks like an ordinary notebook with a pen, but you can catch a vital idea and upload the notes to cloud services.

This smart notebook has 36 pages to wipe with a wet cloth.

Since the “infinite number of times” can be used, as reported by Rocketbook, the paper savings are enormous.

The Everlast Rocketbook, including a Pilot FriXion pen and a microfiber cloth, costs an affordable $35.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s e-book reader is the most popular solution as it reads almost any type of file you are used to without any problems when it comes to educational gadgets.

In addition, you can enlarge the letters, adjust, or increase the font size so that the text covers the entire screen, set the font type, rotate the screen, etc.

The latest Paperwhite e-reader can store thousands of books at any time, all in a portable package lighter than the average paper book.

Even in the strongest sun, the image has no mirroring effect, and the built-in battery is powerful enough to allow eight weeks of reading without recharging.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you live in a dorm room and want to listen to your favorite music without disturbing a roommate, a reliable pair of noise-canceling headphones will help you focus a lot and eliminate distractions.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology was previously reserved exclusively for expensive, premium products.

Today, many audio brands offer this technology in their basic models.

As a result, you get a cleaner, more direct sound without interfering with other sounds.

It’s a great option while studying at the library.


If you don’t have a power bank battery, you will probably need it at some point.

Mobile phones are becoming more advanced and therefore consume more energy.

So the question is, which power bank to choose, and which will be able to cover all your needs?

It is recommended that the power bank has enough capacity to charge your mobile at least once.

Power Banks have a built-in security chip that interrupts charging when the battery is charged.

If you want more safety, buy a model with printed circuit boards because it protects the power bank from overheating and short circuits.

Portable Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are light, practical, and have long battery life.

They are very functional and equipped with a battery that lasts for hours.

Even a single speaker provides powerful sound and comes at more than a reasonable price.

Such a speaker makes an excellent choice for room parties, watching movies, and karaoke, as well as for road trips, swimming pools, travel, and all other occasions to spend a great time with people who study with you.

Moreover, you can connect any phone via Bluetooth or USB and listen to classes together.


Laptops bring a whole experience of using new technologies.

In addition, unlike desktop computers, you can use them both at home and in college.

So, if there’s nothing else you can do in the Spring Break, buy one and get the important work done.

Remember that buying a laptop may come at significant prices.

That’s why we asked a couple of experts to come up with a rate that any student can afford.

They recommend a machine with at least 4 GB of RAM, an SDD of 250 GB, and a standard-size screen.

A USB charger and WiFi module are an absolute must in the pack.


If you want to spend a bit less money and still finish any college assignment, we suggest you buy a tablet instead.

Tablets can simplify and facilitate efficient communication with professors, essential for a more active and quality education.

Some colleges use tablets as a teaching tool and a gateway to unique Student Portals.

Such specialized intranet sites host all the necessary materials (such as scripts, various information related to studies, etc.) you can download instead of asking Google to find it for you.

Alarm Clock

With programmable clocks, you can still have a good night’s sleep before an exam and don’t have to worry about running late.

Modern models have different melodies and display the date and temperature, so you won’t catch rain or wear a hoodie on cold winter days.

Wearable Devices

Devices such as smartwatches and bracelets are small computers that, in most cases, are paired with a smartphone.

They deliver notifications of incoming calls, messages, social networks, and the like using Bluetooth or wireless connection.

Of course, it is primarily what its name suggests – a watch with all the features.

Some more advanced versions can also serve as a fitness bracelets with features that track your activities.

And with all that, smartwatches are becoming attractive fashion accessories.

About the Author
As an educational expert, Berta Graham is a writer and blogger at papersowl.com who follows modern university trends and advises scholars. She also regularly publishes in prominent initial journals, and her expertise is an invaluable asset in this demanding field.