Walmart laptop return policy

Walmart laptop return policy

Did you just get a laptop from Walmart and want to return it for one reason or the other?

This post promises to share with you the Walmart laptop return policy.

Knowing the return policy will give you an idea if you are eligible to return the laptop or not.

The laptop return policy gets updated frequently to fit the current state of the economy.

Here, we publish the up-to-date return policy to be sure that you are not left behind.

The fun part is that they make the return process pretty easy and simple.

However, there are things you must know about the Walmart laptop return policy so you don’t go contrary to the set policy.

You can basically return just anything you’ve bought from Walmart within 90 days of purchase (general Walmart return policy).

Electronics and gadgets are exceptional in this case.

It is the general Walmart return policy that states that you must return the purchased item 90 days from the date of purchase if you wish so.

In the case of electronic gadgets which a laptop is one of them, you must return the laptop with 30 from the date of purchase.

If you keep the laptop in your possession for more than 30 days or the laptop is dirty, obviously used (or misused), you must have voided the return policy and may not be eligible to return the item anymore.

One of the basic requirements of returning a laptop to Walmart is that you must return the product with its original packaging and receipt.

Walmart laptop return policy you must know

If you ever consider a return of your laptop, you must make sure that you seal your decision within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The laptop has to be brought to the Walmart customer service desk.

All the accessories including the packaging from the manufacturer must accompany the laptop as you are returning it.

Please note, for the return of a laptop to Walmart, the receipt is very important so be sure to package it along.

There are products you can return without a receipt, but that is not the case with a laptop return.

That is why the emphasis is really laid on the receipt.

Your packing slip will also be needed.

If for any reason you can’t get the packaging slip, simply log on to your Walmart account to get one.

Walmart laptop return without original packaging

There is no way you will be able to return the laptop if you lost the original packaging.

Even with all the accessories complete and your receipt intact, then your original packaging is missing; you’ve voided the return policy and therefore not eligible.

Your store manager can also individually decide whether or not to accept the return.

It is always advisable to reach out to your local Walmart to inquire more about the steps you should take about returning a laptop that the original packaging is missing.

If you have some more questions to ask about the Walmart laptop return policy, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be glad to assist your further.