What is a green glass door word riddle game


In this post, you will learn a lot about the green glass door word riddle game.

A lot of people also ask “What is the “green glass door” game?”

Green glass door is a  game of chatting and thinking for two to a busload of players.

This is also one of those games where you’ll need someone who knows the “secret” and a bunch of dumb players.

The game is best played with 2 players, though you can have as much as you want.

A kitten, but not a cat, can pass through.

A puppy, but not a dog, can.

A glass, but not a cup, can be used.

A tree can, but a leaf cannot.

Have you seen the pattern?

The game the Green Glass Door is a word puzzle game.

The Green Glass Door allows only words with doubled letters to pass.

Therefore, a puppy but not a dog, a kitten can pass but not a cat, a tree but not a leaf, and a glass but not a cup.

The Green Glass Door is a wonderful icebreaker game to play in a group, on a family road trip, or even as a drinking game.

Don’t reveal the Green Glass Door’s secret until later in the game to keep players guessing.

It should be simple for those who already know to come up with new things that can and cannot pass.

It’s ideal to play this game together with a group of individuals, some of whom are aware of the secret and others who are not.

The game is centered on spelling, not analyzing relationships, and players who don’t know the secret often get caught up in attempting to figure out the relationship between the two objects.

The most difficult clues are those in which the two items described are related in some way, as this keeps players guessing as to what the connection is to the Green Glass Door.

Make your clues as cryptic as possible so that players who don’t know the Green Glass Door’s secret will continue to guess and try to figure it out.

By accurately stating what can and cannot pass through the Green Glass Door, players can stay in the game.

When players name objects that can or cannot pass through the Green Glass Door incorrectly, they are eliminated (or must take a drink).

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