How people throw college dorm party

People who usually search for information about college dorm party usually misspell them like “collage dorm party”

This piece promises to share with you how people throw college dorm party and you too can throw a successful dorm party.

If you are planning to host a dorm party, there are some quick take away I would like to share with you before I get into the details of how people throw dorm parties.

One important thing you must note about hosting a college dorm party is that you must not host in the midterms.

If you do, the turnout for your dorm party might be pretty low.

The best time to host a dorm party is toward the end of the term/session.

With that said, let me share with you other details about how people throw dorm parties.

How do people throw college dorm parties?

Your college experience can be made or broken in the dorm.

You’ll meet some of your closest friends as well as other folks you don’t give a f*uk about.

You’ll eat at dining halls and gain a few pounds as a result.

You may also want to invite a few friends around for a couple of (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Still, the big question is how do people throw a dorm party?

Or in such a tight dorm room, how do people get it done without getting caught in the act?

That’s not a problem at all.

From my wealth of experience in the dorm, I can provide some valuable answers to these underlying questions.

Things to do before your dorm party

The first step to a great dorm party is to ensure that your dorm is clean.

The thing is, no one wants to sit in another person’s filthy room.

One other reason why you might want to clean up your room before the party is that your belongings will be kept in a safe place and they will less likely to get lost or damaged.

If someone splashes a drink on your table, it’ll be much easier to clean up if your desk is empty rather than cluttered with your textbooks, laptop, backpack, clothes, and other belongings.

A filthy dorm room will make the room look smaller than the actual room size.

Be friendly with your resident adviser

Your resident adviser can decide either to instantly shut down the party or allow it to continue as long as you keep it under control.

Some resident advisers do not tolerate dorm parties and alcohol.

Being friendly with them might save your a*s from being written up.

Trust me, not cooperating with them or being rude to them will not do you any good.

Tell your neighbors about the party

One thing you would want to avoid is noise complaints from your neighbors.

This is why you need to tell them beforehand that you will be having some guests coming over so they are not caught unawares.

Tell them to let you know at any point when the party becomes too noisy instead of reporting to your resident adviser first.

To be on the safe side, it is best that you also invite them to the party.

That way, they will not want to get mad at you or complain to the RA since they are already partying with you.

But, above all, show respect.

If your neighbors don’t want to be awake all night, don’t bother them.

Prepare a playlist for your party

You’ll want to listen to music (but not too loudly), so build a playlist ahead of time so you don’t have to fumble around on your phone all night looking for good tunes to complement the party.

Make sure to include a few well-known songs and avoid playing anything too melancholy or slow.

Don’t party too hard

Always remember that it’s a dorm party and you do not have to party too hard.

It’s fine if you want to have a good time, but as a host, you must remain responsible and observant.

In some cases, you might have your resident adviser knocking on your door, so you must be sober to clean up a mess or respond should in case.

Control the noise level

I said earlier that you should align with your RA and your neighbors.

Regardless, you still need to control the noise level.

If your dorm party is way too loud, even if you’re buddies with your RA and neighbors, someone will want to end the party mid-way.

If a resident adviser from another building passes by and hears it or can hear it through the window, they will undoubtedly come in and ask questions.

Put away some things

I’m not advocating drinking or smoking, but if you do, make sure you put it away when you’re not using it.

This not only prevents spills and accidents but also keeps it hidden from view if someone like a resident adviser comes along.


People will almost certainly spill beverages or leave cups behind, and you don’t want a stain or a sticky mess in your room.

It’s advisable to clean up as soon as possible so that it doesn’t spread to your other stuff.

In conclusion, when your neighbors are continually hosting parties, it can be quite inconvenient, especially if you have things to do in the morning.

Be considerate to others and avoid having dorm parties on a regular basis.