How to send pictures on Tinder

If you’re one of the numerous folks who may have once in a while thought of how to send pictures on tinder, this article is perfect for you.

It is quite discouraging to know that Tinder doesn’t give room for its users to just send pictures to their matches.

However, in this article, we will try to look at the possible means by which you can still pass that picture message to your match.

In case you are new to or have no idea of what Tinder is all about, fear not, we will also run through all you need to know about Tinder as a novice.

What is Tinder?

Tinder, which was launched in 2012, is an online dating site service that electronically pairs people within your neighborhood and all over the globe.

It was indeed a revolutionary platform in the internet dating space when it first launched.

It reshapes the dating ideology that almost always entails going outside and interacting with unknown individuals in public places.

Rather, it delivers that wide dating community to you that you might have experienced in a cafe or restaurant.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder requires you to establish a profile that contains your geo-location, s*xuality, age, proximity, and s*xual interests.

When viewing a person’s image and a brief description, you can swipe left if you detest them or right if you admire them.

If every other individual swipes right, you are matched and can start communicating with each other.

Tinder prioritizes active accounts and pairs them with individuals who are equally active.

How to Create a Tinder Account?

You need either an Android or iOS to download the app and create a Tinder account.

Upon registration, you will be asked to enter details about your s*xual identity, personal details, beliefs, and s*xual preferences.

You can even incorporate other sites such as Instagram.

You will need to grant Tinder permission to your device’s location so they can match you appropriately.

Then you will be shown a short training video on how to navigate the app, which will demonstrate the app’s features.

How to send a message on Tinder?

Let the truth be told, unlike other popular social platforms, it is not that easy to send a message on Tinder.

Before you can send a message on Tinder, you must have been matched with whoever you wish to send the message to.

Therefore, let’s take a look at how to get matched with someone.

How to get a Match?

When you come across a profile of a user who you feel is of your interest, here is a little tip on how to show that interest and possibly get matched with that user.

While still on that profile, you either swipe right or simply tap on the ‘heart’ icon that is visible on the profile.

The user will get a notification indicating that you have an interest in him or her.

If that user expresses a similar interest to you after getting notified, the two of you are then matched.

At this point, you can then send a message to this user.

How to send a message to a Matched User?

At this moment, it is assumed that you already have a couple of matched users, and you wish to send a message to one of them.

Here is what you do:

  • On the app, tap the ‘speech’ icon on the upper right side.
  • Now choose one of your matched users.
  • At this point, a chat window should be opened for you to chat with the person.
  • Type whatever message you wish to send, and then click the send button.

Once you are done with this, the user would receive your message and reply.

Note that in some cases, you may be shown a quick notice asking you to send a message if you are immediately matched with a user.

In this situation, simply click on the notification to send a message to that user.

How to send pictures on Tinder?

Just like we stated at the beginning of this article, no straight-up procedure on how to send pictures on Tinder is available on the platform.

However, there are ways to show your match a picture.

Some of these ways include:

  • Uploading Pictures to your Profile and making them viewable to only one person.
  • Sending photo links as a message on Tinder.
  • Using GIFs and Bitmojis to pass the picture message.

Let’s take a quick look at these four methods on how to send pictures on Tinder which we have listed above.

1. How to upload pictures on your profile and make it viewable to only one person

This option may seem stressful or complicated, but if it does the job for you, isn’t that all that matters?

However, it is important to do this while you are currently having a conversation with the person on Tinder.

This is so that you can simply delete the post immediately after he or she sees it.

Do the following in the right order to make your uploaded pictures viewable to only the match you want to see it.

  • Go to your profile page on Tinder.
  • Click on the ‘Add Media’ button.
  • Upload the picture and immediately inform him or her to go view your last upload.
  • As suggested earlier, make sure you delete the post once the person has viewed it.

Yes, this technique may seem risky, but it is the risk of other people seeing it that makes it fun.

So be sure that your match is active and ready to view the post before you upload it.

2. How to send photo links on Tinder

Follow these simple procedures gradually if you wish to send your match a photo using links.

  • Visit ‘prnt.cs’ on your device browser (preferably Chrome).
  • Once the page loads, you would be shown a blue button saying ‘Browse Images’.
  • Click on this blue button and choose ‘Photo library’ from the list that appears.
  • Now choose the photo you wish to send from your images.
  • This website will now generate a link for the image you selected.
  • Try visiting the generated link on a new web browser just to be sure it loads the photo you selected.
  • If the photo link is correct, just copy it and send it to your Tinder match.
  • Follow the same messaging steps we discussed above, then paste the link as a message and send.

If you followed these steps correctly, your match should receive the photo link, which he or she can click on to view the photo you sent.

3. How to send GIFs and Bitmojis

The fun thing about using this method is that Tinder allows you to send Gifs and Bitmojis as easy as sending a message.

These can spice up your conversations with some humor rather the regular boring chats.

All you need is to ensure you’re using the latest version of the Tinder app.

  • Navigate to the chat window of the match you wish to send the gif to on your Tinder platform.
  • The Gif icon is at the bottom-left corner of the window.
  • Click on it, and select any of the Gif you wish to send.
  • You can also search for specific Gifs if you wish.

That simple!

Now if you want to send a Bitmoji just like you would do on Snapchat, here is all you have to do:

  • On the chat window, click on the bitmoji icon which is green in color.
  • A popup will appear asking you to ‘Connect to Snapchat’.
  • Enter your Snapchat details, and you are done.


By now, if you went through each procedure properly, you should be able to tackle the question ‘How to send Pictures on Tinder’.

Using the steps and techniques listed above, you can send as many pictures as you want to your match to make the chat fun.