What happens if you shine a flashlight in eyes

Here, you will get to find out what happens if you shine a flashlight in your eyes.

The same reaction occurs when you shine it into another person’s eyes.

It is quite annoying when the light from the flashlight finds its way to your eyes, it leaves you with blurred vision and takes some time or quite a while to regain a normal and clear vision.

However, a flashlight is a handheld electric gadget whose source of light is a miniature incandescent light bulb of the LED source but recently it has been changed to a light-emitting diode since the 2000s.

These flashlights are either rechargeable or battery use.

The eye and light from a flashlight

The shining of light to the eyes can cause flash blindness and it occurs when bright light overwhelms the eyes.

However, When this occurs, the iris which functions as the eyes defence gets agitated.

The iris is the coloured portion of the eyes responsible for reducing and enlarging the size of the pupil.

Meanwhile, once a flash of light gets to your eyes, the pupil gets sensitive to the light and constricts at this point, your vision will be blur hence protecting the light from the retina that lies posteriorly which primarily helps to process incoming light to produce an image.

Therefore, it is your eyes sensitive spot

When this occurs the pigments of the retina are blurred by the unexpected or sudden bright light which later returns to a normal vision after some time.

This act can become harmful or health impairing if done continuously with an intense light augmenting it.

The retina might burn out permanently leading to the inability to produce an image thus, blindness.

Can light from a flashlight cause visual impairment?

Not really.

Light from the source will probably not blind you and even if it’s a yes, chances are very low meanwhile, it should not be a reason to get that light into your eyes.

Once the exposure of light to the eyes is not prolonged and not consistent, you are safe.

Casualties may only rise when your sight is exposed to prolonged and consistent disclosure to high or intense light from flashlights.

Exposure of the eyes to a considerable amount of light can cause:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Temporary headache
  3. Redness of the eyes
  4. Altered or blurred vision
  5. Sore eyes

How can you prevent this occurrence:

  1. Stay away from light from flashlights
  2. Get an anti-reflective lens and attach it to your eyes
  3. Don’t glare for too long at a bright light
  4. Wear dark-tinted sunglasses

When should you see a doctor?

Once the state of your eyes isn’t responding as normal, do not visit any patent store for over counter drugs or medication such as eye drops.

Rather, book a session with an ophthalmologist.


The sense of sight is very important and on this note should not be tampered with.

Therefore all precautions as to how to keep it healthy should strictly be adhered to.

In the same vein, Do not play a game of chess with your sight.