AutoZone battery warranty

AutoZone battery warranty

If you are looking at buying a battery from Autozone, it might interest you to learn more about this AutoZone battery warranty.

Knowing about the battery Warranty will help you decide whether or not to go ahead with the battery purchase.

This page is dedicated to AutoZone battery warranty and that is strictly what I will share here with you today.

The first thing I want you to learn about the AutoZone battery warranty is that it is a limited warranty.

It is limited to people residing in the United States.

People in the United Kingdom, Canada, or other parts of the world may not benefit from this warranty.

The warranty period is stated on your receipt and it is valid from the date of purchase of the battery to the date that is stated on the purchase receipt.

This warranty will be voided if you transfer or sell your vehicle.

If your battery malfunctions within this warranty period stated in your receipt, you are advised to take the battery to any AutoZone store that is closer to you to get a free replacement.

However, if the battery malfunctions when the warranty period has elapsed already, a credit toward the purchase of a new battery will be issued upon return to any of the AutoZone stores.

Here is how the credit is calculated:

(Original price x remaining warranty period/total warranty period)

Failure due to low level of fluid, improper installation, misuse, faulty parts, or usage that is not covered by the warranty.

Non-marine batteries used in marine applications are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty represents AutoZone’s full liability for any battery.

All other implied warranties that apply to the battery are limited to the warranty period specified on the receipt.

Other than the inherent warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, AutoZone provides no other warranties, explicit or implied.

Any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages are not covered by AutoZone’s liability policy.

Because some states do not allow for the exclusion or limitation of incidental or serious damages, the above limitations may not be applicable to you.

You have specific legal rights under this warranty, and you may also have other legal rights that differ by state.