Does Autozone install batteries for free? [Find out here]

Does Autozone install batteries?

Does autozone install batteries?

This is a big question and in this piece, we’ll try as much as possible to provide an answer to this question.

Really want to know if Autozone installs batteries?

This post is about AutoZone battery installation and so it is just for you.

AutoZone is still that one-stop automotive and accessories shop.

They provide free battery testing and charging to ensure that your battery is in fact in need of replacement.


The big question is:

Does Autozone install batteries?

A customer care worker at AutoZone explained that if you buy a new car battery from them, they will install it for you.

With the purchase of a new battery, installation services are provided for free.

Autozone installs batteries for free as long as the battery was bought from them.

Under certain circumstances, AutoZone may refuse to install the battery.

You may need to have the batteries placed somewhere else if the installation requires the technician to remove other components from the vehicle.

Additionally, if the battery is positioned in an unusual location, such as in the wheel well or beneath a seat, AutoZone may refuse to install it.

AutoZone also provides free battery testing while the battery is still in your car, as well as free battery charging while you wait.

Store services vary by location, so you might want to find that out from your nearest AutoZone before visiting.

Now you know whether or not Autozone handles battery installations.

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