How To Beat A Speeding Ticket

How To Beat A Speeding Ticket

If you have been searching for some information on how to beat a speeding ticket, here is some free information for you.

After reading this article, you will know how to beat a speeding ticket for free.

Got a speeding ticket?

No sweat!

You can get free information on how to beat a speeding ticket.

Why is this information important?

Well, if you need up going to court, you will have all the odds against you.

The free information on how to beat a speeding ticket will teach you ways and means of beating a speeding ticket.

The first and foremost about beating a speeding ticket is to act normal when you get stopped by a cop for speeding.

Do not get angry otherwise, you will end up with more than just a speeding ticket.

The next thing to remember is never to admit to your guilt.

If you do so, the cop will use it against you in court.

Above all, act dumb.

You have to agree to everything that the officer says.

Trust me; it does work because cops do not want to deal with a stupid character.

A scared act also does the trick especially if you act as if your life depends on it.

The officer might end up feeling sorry for you and may not write a speeding ticket.

Feigning ignorance is the next key.

You might still end up getting a speeding ticket; at least you did not admit that you were speeding so the officer has no self-admission of guilt to use in the court later.

We have seen some of the acts that help you beat the speeding ticket.

What to do if you get a speeding ticket

Now what should you do if you end up getting one anyway?

The first thing is never to argue with the officer.

You will never win.

Take your speeding ticket, say nothing, and drive away.

You do not want the officer to remember you in court.

However, you should make note of everything.

This includes the amount of traffic, weather, and which lane you were driving in.

When the pre-trail date is set, always plead “Not Guilty”.

The next thing is to delay the court date because you do not want to go to court.

After all, this is what this free information is all about!

The delay will work in your favor as the officer will gradually forget what happened.

And the longer you delay, you increase the chances of the officer not turning up in court.

However, if you still end up going to court, remember to dress up formally.

Wear a nice business suit and do not argue.

The officer has to prove you guilty and if he cannot, the case will be dismissed against you.

Remember getting this free information on how to beat a speeding ticket is useful.

If you do get a speeding ticket, it will affect your insurance as you will have to pay more.

So, beating a speeding ticket makes sense.

If you can afford to hire a lawyer to help you beat a speeding ticket, he will also advise you on the same things that are mentioned in this article.