What Happened To Applejack’s Parents In My Little Pony

Are you curious about knowing what actually happened to Applejacks’s parents when they went missing in the subsequent series?

Then this post will help you understand what happened to Applejack’s parents in my little pony.

Even the actual show does not record anything about what happened to Applejack’s parents.

The entire fandom has come up with a number of thoughts about what might have happened to them because they aren’t in the series.

I used to believe that they were abducted by the Storm King’s army and held captive to serve as his slaves.

However, I recently learned that Applejack’s parents are actually “dead” in a Q&A that Lauren Faust, the author of MLP FiM, took part in.

However, I didn’t find this on a mlp website or profile just on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Equestria Daily.

Here is what happened to applejack’s parents

Since the start of the show, there have been rumors about it, but the generally accepted conclusion is that they are dead.

Although it has been implied for a long time, it appears that the program has actually confirmed it today.

A lot of evidence backs this up:

Apple family reunion: All the apples are coming, according to Granny Smith and when applejack glances out a window, two shooting stars appear parallel to one another and at the same time.

The stars stand for (perhaps the parents’ spirits), who are attending the reunion.

Stars are a common representation of immortality.

Where The Apple Lies: Big Mac and Little AJ quarrel over who will acquire the property from Granny rather than their parents.

This suggests that the parents were already dead at this point.

Additionally, Spoiled Rich/Milk is seen here when she was considerably younger and before the birth of the diamond tiara.

Since Applebloom and Diamond are roughly the same age, Applebloom was probably not born either.

Crusaders of the Lost Mark: “If mum and dad were here, they’d be so proud of you,” Applejack says as Applebloom receives her cutie mark.

Cutie Mark chronicles: Big Mac and Granny are the only people there to say goodbye to Little Applejack when she departs the farm for Manhattan; their parents aren’t there.

The perfect pear also has a lot of evidence that they actually are dead:

Here is why…

Everyone uses the past tense when referring to them.

Before the apple siblings brought it up, Mrs.

Cake and Burnt Oak looked reluctant to discuss it for fear of reopening past scars.

In the end, they chat about their former friends in a wistful manner, suggesting that something has happened to them.

The only disappointing aspect of this is that Applebloom’s absence leaves a huge plot hole.

The paradox that Applebloom was born after her parents passed away was left by the fact that she wasn’t present in any of the flashbacks, but neither were their parents.

For a while, I believed she was an adopted child, AJ’s biological daughter, the product of adolescent pregnancy, or something similar.

Although Applebloom has her grandmother’s eyes, she otherwise resembles her father completely.

Perhaps Pear Butter passed away while giving birth to Applebloom, yet even in that case, Bright Mac’s fate remains a mystery.

According to some theories, the apple family either left their children behind or went on an excursion and never returned.

A couple who deeply loved one another would never leave their own children without a second thought.

The only logical conclusion was that they both passed away shortly after Applebloom was born, pear butter perhaps even in the process.

Anything might cause it: a farming mishap, a wolf or monster attack, an illness, postpartum problems, etc.

They’re basically dead, but nobody knows for sure how.

The creators of the show once said that they “never fully figured out” what had happened to their parents.

The four apples had a deep familial bond that Lauren Faust and her crew loved, and because the parents weren’t actually necessary for the episode, they just left it up to the viewer’s perception.

It has long been a topic of intense fan debate.

The names they might have had and the ways they might have appeared are among the many, if not hundreds, of possibilities.

I do, however, really enjoy the canon version.

They make up for the fact that it is rather cliché by simply being too adorable.

Additionally, I have a thing for couples that spent their formative years together before gradually falling in love as time passed.