What each of the chains on Kurapika’s fingers does

If you have watched the anime titled Hunter X Hunter, the name Kurapika should sound familiar to you.

Kurapika belongs to Kurta Clan and is the very last survivor of the clan.

Kurapika has some special abilities with which he wants to avenge his clan.

In addition to that, he wants to recover the Scarlet Eyes.

In this piece, we shall be looking at a specific area of Kurapika.

We will be looking at his five chains which he wears on his hands.

We will try to understand these chains, the powers, and the possibilities each carries.

Each of the chains is unique with different functions.

Kurapika has got five fingers like every other person.

He wears a ring chain on each of them.

Each of the chains intersects with the next finger.

I wonder if it’s that convenient to wear a chain on each of the five fingers like that.

Well, it’s possible in anime but not much of comfort in real life.

These five chains are not just ordinary chains he wears for fun or fashion.

The use of the chains is intentional.

He made the chains to fight the phantom troupe so he could overpower them.

Most people assume Kurapika is weak but mercilessly strong against the phantom troupe.

And that’s because of the impact of the chains on them.

Let’s examine the impact of the five Kurapika chains;

— Holy Chain

This is the chain of healing.

Kurapika uses it to heal wounds even for fractures.

It can heal in a few seconds.

He wears this chain on the thumb finger.

He can do great healing with this chain when Kurapika is in a specialist state.

— Steal Chain

This is worn on the index finger.

And just as its name sound, it is used to steal the Nen abilities of the target.

When it is pierced into the body of the attacked person, it takes away their aural.

Next is that Kurapika activates Emperor Time which summons a dolphin-like structure that gives the details of the stolen nen abilities which include capacities and its conditions.

— Dowsing Chain

This chain is used frequently and normally for several things which include defense, investigation, offensive strategies, etc.

It can be used to know the location of people, identify whether or not they are lying.

It is worn on the finger ring.

— Jail Chain

It is worn on the middle finger, Kurapika uses it to restrain spiders after enveloping them.

It makes the caged people lose their aural and prevent them from using their abilities.

Kurapika may be killed if this chain is misused.

— Judgment Chain

This chain is used to give order to the victim after piercing into their body.

It immediately wraps around their heart.

If the person rebels against the order, that will result in death.

It is used with Emperor time alone.

Kurapika can as well take away the enchantment of the chain.

I believe with this, you must understand each chain and what it is used for with powers resident in them.