How many people watch anime

To establish how many people watch anime, we must look at what anime means first, its acceptance, and the audience watching it.

With this, we can be on the same page as we identify the population base and audience information of those that watch anime.


what is anime?

The easiest answer to give is to call anime cartoons.

But in the real sense, is anime the same as cartoons?

The answer is no.

Anime is an animation that originated in Japan.

It is a Japanese cartoon although the Japanese don’t appreciate it when anime is referred to as a cartoon.

I guess you understand me?

Anime is the perfect example of a country consuming its own product as both old and young in Japan watches Anime.

It is well accepted and loved in Japan.

This may be due to the fact that it is well advertised in Japan.

That means it is contributing to the economy too.

If the Japanese do not want anime to be referred to as cartoons, it does mean it must be different from cartoons or that it has its distinguishing features.

There are a few differences sort of which has placed anime in its place of respect and acceptance over cartoons.

Here are a few of the differences;

Anime looks more mature than cartoons.

Cartoons are undoubtedly for the kids.

You won’t argue it because even the looks are childish.

Anime is a cartoon with a difference.

The view alone shows it is for matured minds.

Cartoons are usually fiction making it difficult for people to flow with them but Anime is not like that.

They are usually based on true-life stories.

So, people can easily connect with Anime because the stories are real.

Also, the character in cartoons doesn’t look real most of the time.

But for anime, the characters are not just real but you can actually connect with the characters.

Anime comes with great storylines.

The stories have been the greatest selling point over the years.

Normally any video with great stories always gains general approval and acceptance.

These and many other factors are responsible for the acceptance of anime even outside Japan where it originated.

So, to answer the question about how many people watch anime, it may be difficult to give a certain figure.

This is because the number keeps increasing on a daily basis.

The figure was recently put between 1 and 2 billion.

Although the acceptance may not be much yet in the United States.

This may be the same reason for which cartoons are not well accepted in some other countries.

It has been established that cartoons are more advertised in the United States than in other countries.

This will definitely impact the number of people watching it in that country.

The question is, on which of the divide are you?

Are you a lover of anime too and if yes, would you prefer anime over cartoons?

There are people who don’t even know left from the right as far as anime and cartoons are concerned.

If you are one, may you check out one each and decide for yourself.

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