V5 inc ret ps on TD bank statement

V5 inc ret ps What does “V5 INC RET PS” mean?

This report appears in the TD Bank activity tab.

And if you do not know exactly what it means, you might get confused and worried.

This post promises to share with you everything you need to know about the V5 INC RET PS that shows up on your bank statement.

So, if this and other related questions have been bothering you, come in here to learn the meaning of v5 INC RET PS.

There is not much information about v5 inc.

That is why I’m putting this together to make sure you digest the information you wanted right here.

Read between the lines so you don’t miss anything.

Permit me to call this an error code.

I mean, whenever you see that code, it signifies something, and until you know exactly what that is, you will be continually bothered, especially if you cannot recall charging this to your debit card.

This has been taken to a lot of online forums in the quest to know more about it, and people who have experienced it have shared their thoughts.

V5 inc ret ps meaning

One way to find out exactly what this means is to call TD Bank customer service.

In case you are still in doubt after reading this page, you can simply reach out to them to confirm this information.

When you see this V5 error showing in your mobile app’s activity tab, it simply means that a check deposit came through and it bounced.

Just note that if the check you are trying to deposit has been returned or the writer of the check has put a stop to the check, you are likely to have the v5 inc ret ps in your bank statement.

There is no need to panic when you see this in your account statement.

Of course, there is no way an unauthorized transaction can take place in your account.

Even though it happens, though it is not likely to happen, you can keep track of whose account the money went to, and that helps you know the final destination of the money.

But in most cases, it is advisable to reach out to your service provider when you notice any unusual activity in your statement.

That way, everything will be explained to you in detail.

So the next time you have v5 inc ret ps reflecting on your statement, you will know how best to handle it since you already know what it means.

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