The City Of The Future: Truth And Myths About Dubai

Dubai is much more than a city.

Dubai is a trademark, a phenomenon, and one of the most stunning megacities on the planet.

Dubai, the UAE’s largest city and the capital of the same-named Emirate, sprang in the middle of the desert some 20 years ago.

Except for the National Museum (Dubai Museum), which depicts life in the city before oil was discovered, Dubai does not have a strong historical history or signs of the past.

Many people criticize the city for its sterility and lack of a unique ambiance since it lacks a sense of history.

However, Dubai fans see their own unique spirit in the city’s futuristic appearance — such cities of the future should exist on the planet, and demonstrate the greatness of a man who built a massive metropolis in the middle of the desert.

Dubai has become a symbol of all that is modern and attractive.

The “City of Records” is amazing; it is home to the world’s tallest building, the most expensive hotel, the largest retail complex, a hotel with underwater rooms, deep tunnels, a gigantic artificial island, best rental services like Evolve with the most luxurious rental cars available for hiring and much more.

Give yourself a try and hire the car that you have always been dreaming of!

Living here is incredibly convenient and comfortable.

There is a clear gain here for every minus that regular people’s efforts transform into stable fiction.

Myth #1: Alcohol is prohibited in Dubai. That is not the case.

Only in Sharjah alcohol is fully prohibited, although, in Dubai, you may readily order alcohol at restaurants or at your hotel.

Alcohol is not sold in supermarkets or cafes that are not attached to hotels, as only they have alcohol permits, thus all of the major restaurants are affiliated with them.

The second illusion is that Dubai is extremely hot.

Yes, the temperature seldom falls below 45 degrees from May through September.

However, there are almost no non-conditioned rooms in Dubai; even taxis, metro stations, and street stops have air conditioning.

The rest of the time in Dubai, the weather is really pleasant, and in winter, there is even a slight chance of freezing in the evening, so bring a jacket and jeans in January.

Myth three: In Dubai, there are essentially no pedestrian zones.

To begin with, this is not entirely correct.

The magnificent Marina Walk promenade, pedestrian zones in the JBR region, parks, private quarters on Palm (we’re talking about the artificial Palm Jumeirah Island, an exclusive section of Dubai), vast park spaces, and the Al Barari neighborhood are all excellent locations to walk.

The fourth misconception is that Dubai’s wealth is solely based on oil output.

The discovery and exploitation of oil reserves in the region dates back around 80 years.

However, these reserves were insufficient, and the visionary sheikhs poured petrodollars into the region’s development, resulting in gigantic buildings, one of the world’s largest airports, thousands of kilometers of new road interchanges, and all the luxury and beauty we know today.

Oil currently accounts for only 20% of the national economy.

The economy is dominated by trade and production, services, and tourism.

The fifth stereotype is that Dubai has stringent morals: you cannot stroll about with bare shoulders, hug in public, and so forth.

Both yes and no.

You may act freely on the beach, at a hotel, and in a nightclub, but if you go to the Dubai Mall during the day, restrict yourself a bit.

In terms of attire, everything is acceptable on the beach throughout the day, with the exception of sunbathing topless.

In the evening, the dress code is also rather relaxed.

Myth six — it’s expensive in Dubai. It depends on what to compare.

Taxi may be cheaper at times.

Going to a good restaurant will cost the same money as in any other megapolis.

The only thing that Dubai really does not suit fans of budget tourism is the lack of hostels and very economical accommodation options.

In any case, to have a clear understanding of what is true and false for you in particular, you do not have any other option than to visit Dubai yourself and create your own opinion.

So, have a nice trip!