What it means when a package is tendered at FedEx office

What does it mean when a package is tendered at FedEx office?

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Tendered at FedEx office is one of the many FedEx tracking messages that I have covered on this blog in other articles.

Tendered at FedEx office [Explained]

A package is simply considered to have been “tendered at FedEx” if it has been picked up at the FedEx Onsite facility near the recipient address.

When a shipment is delivered to a FedEx Onsite facility, it is referred to as being “tendered at FedEx Onsite,” which is a confirmation that your delivery has been picked up at the local center.

If someone wants to send a package via FedEx, they either fill out an Airway Bill or, if they already have an account, they can create one online.

The Airway Bill has a bar code with account and address information embedded in it.

They can then take their shipment to a FedEx hub that handles solely shipping or a retail facility (like a FedEx Office) to get it processed.

A shipment has been “tendered” once it has been accepted by the retailer or shipping station and entered into the system using either a credit card payment or a FedEx account number.

This is the basic step in getting an item into the system for delivery to its destination.

What to do if tendered at FedEx office take longer

FedEx in some cases takes longer than usual to deliver packages, so if your box has been showing Tendered At FedEx Onsite longer than it should, you might be worried that your package has been misplaced.

If you have any questions, you should speak with FedEx customer support.

Only customer service experts at FedEx are able to provide you with detailed information about your shipment, including what you need to do next and how quickly it will get to its destination.

I believe you now understand what tendered at FedEx office means so the next time you see it, you will not need to worry about anything.