How to give yourself a fever

I’m not sure why you want to give yourself a fever.

Maybe you want to prove to your boss that you have a fever and so you can’t make it to work.

Children also try to give themselves a fever just to prove to the parent that they don’t want to go to school.

Your reasons may vary from what I think.

Well, for whatever reason, this post will guide you on how to give yourself a fever.

This post promises to share what to do to give yourself fever.

There are several ways through which you can archive that.

All of them will be shared right here.

Another thing to do if you want to pretend you have a fever is to drink hot tea and put a hot washcloth on your head.

That way, when they use a thermometer to check your temperature, it will report that you have a fever.

You will get a fever if you keep little onions under your armpits.

In a Tamil film, the heroine is forced to leave her home by her brother in order to attend school in a nearby town.

She, on the other hand, is serious about not going.

She keeps onions between her armpits and falls down with a high temperature a little later.

Excessive exposure to a hot environment or excessive exercise in hot weather combined with dehydration can cause heatstroke, which causes your core body temperature to rise (wearing lots of restrictive clothing helps, too).

Heatstroke can also lead to delirium, organ damage, and death, therefore I don’t support it—especially because there’s no reason to force a fever on oneself.

Unless you are sick (and in many circumstances even if you are sick), your body functions perfectly well at its normal temperature, and with a little support from you, it can maintain that temperature in a variety of diverse environments.

One final step I know to give yourself a fever is by using herbs.

I’m only sharing this for educational purposes and mean no harm.

A few herbs can help with this by inducing vasodilation.

Cayenne pepper or other spicy peppers, in smaller doses, can be ingested internally (eaten) or applied directly to the skin to a specific location.

Capsaicin, pain medication for arthritis, accomplishes just that.

Hands should be washed promptly after use, and mucus membranes should not be touched (genitals, nose, eyes, mouth).

Ginger is another herb that is safer to use to give yourself a fever.

It can be smashed up and used in a hot bath, or a large root (the size of your hand) can be drank as tea (like a giant cup of tea).

When the bath has cooled slightly and the water no longer feels “Hot,” the person enters the bath and soaks for ten to fifteen minutes.

When the person is out, they should wrap themselves in a warm blanket and avoid drafts.

This can be done as many times as necessary.

These are the steps to give yourself a fever.

So if you want to give yourself a fever, make sure you read through carefully and apply them.

Let’s know if you have any questions in the course of reading this.