Scheduled delivery pending meaning on FedEx

Scheduled delivery pending meaning on FedEx is yet another inquisitive message that pops on FedEx.

And you will know exactly what it means after reading through this page.

When you check the status of your order on FedEx and you find scheduled delivery pending, do you understand what it really means?

This may seem confusing.

If that’s all you want to understand, you are on the right page.

Scheduled delivery pending on FedEx simply means that the delivery of your product has not been scheduled yet.

Or that the delivery of your order has not been planned.

If the delivery has not been scheduled then you can’t tell when the order will arrive.

And that may be bad news especially if you are expecting the order to come as soon as possible.

While this may make you feel paranoid about your order.

It is good that they are given you some information about the status of your order on FedEx.

At least you are abreast of the situation report.

So if you are expecting your order to drop in a few days, this status will alert you to make other plans where necessary.

It is helpful after all.

There are reasons why you may see scheduled delivery pending on your FedEx order.

One of such reasons may be that the goods may have arrived but it has not been keyed into the mailing system.

If it has not entered into the mailing system then the goods can not be scheduled for delivery.

This is a reason why you may see scheduled delivery pending on your FedEx status.

It may as well that the package has been delayed.

The delay may be a result of unforeseen contingencies.

This is an unexpected bad event that may affect the normal flow of operation.

In such a case like this, they may not be able to tell when the delivery will be done.

Therefore, you may see scheduled delivery pending when you try to check the status of your order.

Also, if your ordered products have not been shipped, you may see scheduled delivery pending.

This is because delivery can only be planned for orders that have arrived.

It means it is yet to leave the reseller or manufacturer.

Since FedEx has no control over the movement from the seller, they can’t possibly plan a delivery for it yet.

It is pertinent that you understand the process flow so that you can catch up with the process.

When you make an order, the seller will be contacted who will send it to FedEx.

At that point, you will likely be notified that your order has been shipped.

Once it gets to FedEx, it will be packaged for delivery.

That is when to expect the delivery date.

Any disruption in this flow for any reason may result in the status showing scheduled delivery pending.

So, alterations in the order process flow may cause a pending scheduled delivery.

It, therefore, means something went wrong.

Pending the time it will be fixed, you may keep seeing pending scheduled delivery as your order status.

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