ValuedVoice Sign Up Guide

ValuedVoice Sign Up Guide

I signed up on Valued Voice many months back but have not been serious about it.

The motivation behind this post came when I logged into my Valued Voice account several months later to see some bucks in it.

When I signed up on Valued Voice, I referred some people to also signup and start making money from their passion.

I was amazed at the turnout that returned some money into the dashboard that I later requested a payout.

To this end, I thought it wise to also share this information here for people who might be interested in it.

This post promises to share with you a complete ValuedVoice sign-up guide so you do not make any mistakes in the course of signing up.

What is ValuedVoice?

You may ask that question if you are not really conversant with the term “Valued Voice” of course, this post will also explain that to you.

ValuedVoice is a platform with load influencers that want to receive paid opportunities.

So if you have a blog/website, a social media channel be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube you can get paid on ValuedVoice.

In simple terms, Valued Voice is a marketplace where you get paid for posting sponsored content on your blog or any social media channel that you own.

So if you are a blog owner looking for where to get sponsored posts for your blog, then you might want to sign up on Valued Voice.

If you are a blogger, I want to believe that you have a network of other bloggers.

Then you can also make money on Valued Voice by telling other bloggers about it and you will get some commissions.

Here is why you need to sign up on Valued Voice

— You do not have to pay a dime to sign up.

At least, for the fact that you are not paying to join is enough reason you should join and check them out.

— There are several opportunity types that you can choose from.

— Have full control to edit the contents.

You can either edit the content they send you or you create your own great content.

— The pricing is totally controlled by you.

You can set the price that you want per post (if you are in for sponsored posts).

But here is a tip: The lesser your price, the more likely you are to land opportunities.

— You have the privilege to accept only opportunities that appeal to you.

— Most interestingly, an option to request payouts anytime you want after 72 hours of job completion.

If this makes sense to you that you can have your blog or social media channel listed somewhere and you get an offer that returns some bucks into your wallet, go ahead and sign up on Valued Voice now!

If in doubt at any point do not fail to reach out to us.