Rice purity test meaning

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The rice purity test is a self-graded test designed for people to know their level of purity or involvement in social vices.

The test is used to measure the degree of innocence in matters such as s*x, a*cohol, cr!mes, dr*gs, deceit, etc.

The truth is when people begin to engage in these things, it is clear that their minds have been corrupted.

So, the test will help to identify how far they have gone.

The rice purity test was initially designed for fresh University students by Rice University.

It was to help them understand the new students and for easy bonding with older students in the university.

This initiative was developed to help the new students to socialize in the University since both the people and the environment will be new to them.

It was all to cater to their emotional need as they begin their studies.

The maiden version was done in 1924.

At that time, it was administered to only women.

Today, it is being taken by both males and females.

Several versions of the Rice purity test have also evolved over the years with reviews that fit the current dispensation.

It is worthy of note that this test is always taken voluntarily, people are never cajoled to take it for any reason.

The Rice purity test contains 100 questions designed in form of a survey.

The question set begins with very innocent questions and progresses to very dirty ones.

All of the questions are focused on measuring the student’s innocence and involvement in s*x, cr!mes, drugs, and the very bad things you can think of.

At the end of the test, the result is graded between 0 and 100.

The Rice purity test scores are explained in a cluster of percentages.

There are five categories of the percentage clusters.

Each percentage has an explanation that shows the level or degree of innocence in social vices, s*x, cr!mes, drugs, etc.

Rice purity test scores are the categories;

If you score between 97 and 94, it means you are holy and at most, you have been hugged by a nonfamily member before.

For those who score between 93 and 77, it means you are holy on average.

People with this score are aware but not bad themselves with bad things.

Those who score between 76 and 45 have their share of participation in s*x, drugs, cr!mes, etc.

They are part of the problem.

Anyone who scores between 44 and 9 must have been to hail for their bad behaviors at one point or the other.

These are people to place a watch on and may need help.

The last group is the people with scores between 8 and 0.

These are the people with crimes as a lifestyle.

They need urgent rehabilitation.

They are the core cr!me participants.

Interestingly, right now anyone can take the test online and have their results immediately.

So, if you have not done one to check yourself, simply search online to take one and see where you fall in the categories.