How long does western union hold money

How long does western union hold money

Western Union is a multinational organization that enables its customers to be able to send and receive money across the globe.

Over the years, the services they render has a huge impact on their customers.

Even if there are people who are victims of internet fraudster due to making transactions via Western Union, a lot of people still make use of it without any hitch.

They try their best to rectify any problem if the protocol is observed.

Studies have shown that one of the most frequently asked questions is “how long does western union hold my money?”

According to the way Western Union operates, your money is available for pick up immediately after the sender sends the money.

However, you should know that if you don’t pick up your money as soon as possible, then you will have to wait after 45 days to do so.

The protocol is that, once you do not pick up your money the same day the sender sends it, then the money stays with Western Union for 45 days.

You can request your money after 45 days.

What if you are not able to pick up your money on the 45th day?

If you are not able to pick up the money on the 45th day, then you will have to forget about the money.

However, for both parties not to lose the money, the sender has to request his or her money.

Western Union will not make a refund unless the sender requests it after 9 months.

It is best to take the preventive measure which is to pick up the money immediately or the same day the sender sends it.

To achieve this, the sender should give you a call to notify you about the money sent.

If you are the sender, then you should call the receiver to pick up the money as soon as possible.

In a situation whereby the receiver isn’t able to receive the money, you should request your money in any Western Union location around you.

It doesn’t take long for your money to be available so it shouldn’t be such a herculean task for you to pick it up.

However, there are certain things you need before you can have access to your money.

They include;

– A valid ID document

– Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

– The first name of the money sender, as well as the last name.

– The sender’s country of origin

– The expected amount you want to pick up

You should take note that neither the sender nor the receiver needs a local bank account for the transaction to take place.

In conclusion, you should not pay anyone you do not know via Western Union.

This is also a preventive measure because in case the receiver did not receive the money, it would be very easy for you to get in touch and then find a way you can get your money back.

At times, strangers can be fraudsters.

Since the money is available immediately after pick up, they can go request the money.

However, if you feel you have been cheated of your money, contact the Western Union Customer Care Service.