Meaning of parcel locker in USPS tracking

You may get this message when using USPS as your choice of delivery “Delivered, Parcel locker”.

But you couldn’t find the parcel in your mailbox, do not worry as there is not an issue at all, but a result of some unexpected situations, encountered by the delivery man.

This usually means that your parcel has been delivered to a parcel locker in your vicinity.

What is a parcel locker?

A parcel locker is like a large plastic or metal box, generally located in the vicinity of your mailboxes.

It is a secure box, usually provided by government and businesses to a locality, where mails can be dropped securely and access is given to the recipient to retrieve at a later time.

There are in various forms, electronic or manual, and may utilize the use of code or keys, in the case of USPS tracking, the keys to the locker will usually be left in your mailbox.

Possible Causes

You may find yourself in the situation as described above if your delivery man encounters one of these problems:

Your mailbox is smaller than the parcel: In case the parcel to be delivered is larger than the mailbox, the delivery man will usually drop the parcel to a parcel locker in the vicinity, then drop the key into your mailbox.

In this, case all you need to do to retrieve your parcel is to locate the particular parcel locker and retrieve your parcel using the key.

Also, if you have requested that the parcel be delivered to a storage closet in your basement, this code may also be used.

Wrong Scanning: The situation above may not always be the cause, sometimes the delivery man may have scanned the parcel incorrectly.

Sometimes, there may be a problem in delivery, and the delivery man may decide to leave the parcel in another location.

To do this, they will need to report an error.

But the delivery man may click the wrong button, sending the wrong information, in such situation, you may lose track of your parcel.

In this case, if you don’t have a locker nearby and you don’t have the actual location of where your parcel is, you should contact your local post office to reaffirm that the parcel was delivered to the right location, or else gets updated information.

In conclusion, whenever you receive the message: “Delivered, Parcel locker” you don’t need to worry much as this is a normal USPS tracking procedure, simply locate the specified locker or call your local post office as the case may be.