List of Akatsuki rings in Naruto

If you have watched Naruto and you are wondering what the Akatsuki rings mean, here is a piece to help you out.

There are ten Akatsuki rings with each worn by different people in Naruto.

Although the different rings did not mean special abilities they are worn by members to show their loyalty.

Here is a list of Akatsuki rings in Naruto

Itachi Ring

This ring has a red color design at the top with Japanese kanji 朱.

The Japanese kanji 朱 is pronounced “shu” and interpreted in the English language as “Vermillon” The ring was received after Itachi helped Tobi to kill all his clan.

The Itachi ring always goes on the right hand.

— Pain Ring

This ring has a yellow head design with Japanese kanji 零 on it which is pronounced as “Rei”.

In the English language, it means zero.

Pain wears his ring on the right thumb and he led the Akatsuki clan.

— Konan Ring

This Akatsuki ring has a white heading with the the Japanese kanji 白 inscription on it. The inscription is pronounced “Byaku” and it means “white” in English language. The ring is worn on the right middle finger. Konan was once a leader in the Akatsuki clan and a powerful Kunoichi.

— Sasori Ring

This ring has a purple head color design with the Japanese kanji 玉 inscribed on it.

The Japanese kanji is called “Gyoku” In English, it is called jewel and ball.

The ring is worn on the thumb of the left hand.

This is the same with Tobi’s ring.

Although they are different individuals.

— Zetsu’s ring

This ring is worn by the mysterious Zetsu.

It has the Japanese kanji 亥 called “Gai” meaning “boar” in English language.

This one is used on the pinkie

The top color may either be red or yellow.

— Deidara Ring

This ring is worn on the right index finger and it comes with the inscription of the Japanese Kanji 青 pronounced as “ao” and “sho” meaning “blue” and “green” in English language.

— Kakuzu Ring

This is the blue head ring with the inscription of Japanese kanji 北 pronounced as “Hoku” This means “north” in the English language.

The ring is worn on the middle finger of the left hand.

Kakuzu is the real lover of money in Naruto.

— Kisame Ring

This ring comes with a yellow top design with the inscription of the Japanese kanji 南.

It is called “Nan” and it is interpreted as “south” in the English language.

Kisame wears it on their left ring finger.

This guy has one of the best swords in Naruto.

— Hidan Ring

This is the green-topped design ring with the Japanese kanji 三 inscription.

The inscription is called “San” which is the same as the word “Three” in the English language.

This one goes on the left index finger.

— Orochimaru Ring

The inscription on the ring is done in red color.

The inscription is the Japanese kanji 空 pronounced as “Kū”.

In English, it means void and sky.

It is worn on the left little finger.