Poker tables: General characteristics and models

Card games are one of the favorite pastimes for adults to have a good time and share a fun moment with friends and family, and poker is the great favorite of most of them.

Poker fanatics, whether they are professional or amateur players, always get together to play for hours in a house, since this is the way to get started in this sport.

However, one of the great difficulties that amateur players usually have to deal with is where to play.

Because sometimes they cannot afford to buy a poker table, since they cost a lot of money, so they usually end up playing on the kitchen table or in the middle of the living room.

The poker tables enable the possibility of playing as the professionals do but in the comfort of your home.

There are many different models of tables on the market.

We will review, in this article, the different options that exist to play poker at home, either buying a poker table, building one with your own hands, or using a table mat to turn a common table into a poker table.

Keep in mind that the poker tables that are available in the market require a lot of space, and are also quite expensive, although each poker table price varies according to the model.

Anyway, there are folding tables for those who do not have enough space to place a huge and solid table to play cards.

Characteristics of poker tables

The tables to play poker are manufactured in different sizes and shapes, however, they all have things in common such as easy access to the cards, which is very important for the game to develop with ease and agility.

To make it easier for the cards to move around the surface, most poker tables have a cloth covering.

The cloth is usually green, but there are also darker colors such as blue, gray, or burgundy.

Some tables may even have a Teflon coating to make the cards slide even better.

The shapes of the tables can be very diverse: oval, octagonal, or round.

Those used in casinos are usually oval in shape, with a lowered area of the table made specifically for the croupier.

The size is large enough for 10 players to play comfortably.

The tables used in homes are usually smaller, due to space availability, but it must always be taken into account that the minimum recommended space for each player to play comfortably is 50 cm.

Generally, the edge of the poker tables has a padded frame positioned a little higher for players to be able to rest their arms.

They also usually have a wooden strip that runs along with it, between the armrest and the playing surface, which usually has a coaster and a tray for accessories.

Models of poker tables available on the market:

  • Professional poker tables: These are like those used in casinos and are usually oval in shape. Players are positioned around the curved area of the table, with the dealer facing them in a recessed area of the table. These are very large tables, as they have space for 10 players, so the space they occupy in a house must be considered. It is also worth mentioning that they are usually very expensive, however, the poker table price varies according to the quality and size.
  • Fixed poker tables: These types of tables (as the ones mentioned before) demand to allocate an area of the house where the table must remain since they do not offer storage facilities. They come in various shapes and sizes; they can be circular, octagonal, and oval. And they can provide space for different numbers of players. They are usually made of wood, but other materials are also available. They are much more affordable than the professional ones.
  • Folding poker tables: These tables can be easily stored when not in use. The great advantage is that their legs can be folded to store them in a corner of the house or a closet. Many of them even have wheels to move them around and can be folded and unfolded very easily. This type of table also comes in different shapes and sizes, and some are sturdier than others, depending on the quality of the materials. They are very affordable.
  • Portable poker tables: These fold up in such a way that they can be transported anywhere. Some include only the playing surface and its accessories, to be placed on another table; and others are directly conventional size tables. They are the cheapest option, along with the poker table mats.

I hope this piece gets you informed about poker tables, their general characteristics as well as their models.