How to Play Sega Dreamcast Games on PC

How to Play Sega Dreamcast Games on PC

Sega released the renowned Dreamcast in 1998 for Japan and in 1999 for Europe and North America to mark the video gaming 6th generation.

This was the last of its consoles and was considered to be relatively cheap compared to other consoles.

Although the Dreamcast was not entirely a commercial success in relation to its console rivals like the Xbox and PlayStation 2, some of its game titles were highly remarkable.

The console was later discontinued but for today’s retro gaming lovers, Sega DC games are worth rediscovering.

Currently, you may not get the Sega DC console, but you can enjoy your favorite Dreamcast games on your modern PC by using Sega DC ISOs and Sega DC emulators.

We give you a detailed way on how you can currently revisit and play Sega DC games.

Sega DC ISOs and Emulators

Due to the discontinuation of the Dreamcast console, you can only enjoy the games currently by downloading the Sega DC ISOs.

These are copies of the actual classic Dreamcast games, also called ROMs, and are downloadable from the internet.

You can get them by simply Googling a specific game, or you can opt to get them from a website that is entirely devoted to their distribution for different emulators.

You can download the ISO files beforehand and store them in the same folder.

After downloading the ISO files, you will need an emulator.

An emulator is a software that mimics the classic console to enable you to play the old games.

It imitates the file format that you will have installed on your PC.

A Sega DC emulator will imitate the Sega Dreamcast console.

The emulator(s) must be downloaded before it can be used.

Ensure that you download an emulator that is compatible with your machine.

It is important to note that the usage of emulators is legal, but the distribution of ISOs or ROMs for games that you do not own is an infringement.

There most compatible Sega DC emulators that you can choose to use for your PC and include;

· NullDC

· Redream

· DEmul

· Chankast

· Reicast

To play your Sega DC game;

Step 1: Download the Sega DC emulator of your choice.

Choose the latest version as it has more updates.

As earlier mentioned, you can search for the emulator on the web.

Step 2: Extract and Install the emulator.

Emulators will usually work with a BIOS file.

Run your emulator since it is typically an install package, then follow the prompts for installation.

These will include; license agreement, a language, and the components you wish to install, and a storage folder.

Step 3: Proceed to start your emulator.

Step 4: Configuration and Customization of the controls

Step 5: A pop window should be displayed from the controller’s button from which you should select “Configure.”

With this, a new window appears, and from it, you can click a button that you want to toggle and a key to associate it with.


Step 6: Customization is entirely optional, but if you feel that the default control placements are not comfortable, you can customize them.

Go to Settings and find the control remap.

Step 7: Launch the Sega DC game and kick off your play.

Step 8: Save your progress after stopping.

Although some emulators will autosave the game progress, some may not.

Saving will assure you that your progress is saved.


Sega’s last edition, the Dreamcast, gave the video game industry ingenious games that cannot be forgotten.

Owing to its discontinuation, in today’s world, you can only enjoy playing the DC retro games on your PC by using Sega DC ISOs and emulators.

With the named emulators and a follow-up of the steps given, you should enjoy flawless gameplay.