Top 20 most emotional text samples

Most of the time, you might want to send out some emotional texts but you are out of ideas of what to send.

These emotional text samples will guide you and you will never be out of ideas of what to send.

Humans often respond to what appeals to their emotion, this is true in any situation and especially true when building a relationship, the best way to keep your partner engaged is to appeal to their emotion.

This will develop mutual trust and it is the secret to maintaining a blissful relationship.

When your partner smiles, it is as a result of their inner emotions, and if you love seeing your partner smile, you should consider sending them an emotional and touching text message often.

This will lighten their mood and you will always see that sweet smile on their face.

If you wish to learn how to grip your partner by their emotions, this post is for you, it contains several emotional texts messages that you can use to put a smile on your partner.

Excerpts of some of the most emotional texts

  1. Ever since I fell in love with you, there remains no justification to be moody all day, you have given me a reason to smile. For being there for me, you deserve more than a thank you.
  2. Every form of sorrow has been annihilated ever since you came into my life, my joy has been resurrected and I have lasting peace of mind, I must be the most fortunate to have you in my life
  3. I never believed I can fall in love until you came into my life, this is a turning point in my life. Cheers for being a part of me.
  4. You mended my broken heart with yours, thank you for being a part of me
  5. I am alive and hopeful by loving you, thank you for loving me back
  6. The love we share keeps growing over time, I wish to spend the rest of my life with you, baby.
  7. I stopped worrying about what I don’t have when I realize that building a family with you is a great gift, I am grateful I met you.
  8. I fell in love the day I met you, and ever since I accept your proposal, there has been an overwhelming satisfaction and peace, thank you for loving me.
  9. No matter the situation, You can always be sure that you’ve got a supporter, I will always stand by you.
  10. Time is valuable, but time spent with you is invaluable, I will always sacrifice my all to make you happy.
  11. I have the assurance of a fulfilling day whenever I wake up to see you by my side, your smile is all I need.
  12. People do ask: Are there still faithful men on earth? I never doubt this, because I have always had a faithful man by me
  13. Your love is refreshing, they are like the morning dew and water to the thirsty soul, thank you for making me feel renewed every day.
  14. Just like a King loves his queen, you have loved me, and even more, thanks for making me your queen.
  15. No lady can stand you in beauty, and if you are to contest for the world beauty pageant you’re definitely taking a swoop at victory, I love you my beauty.
  16. I am entrapped in your love. You are gorgeous and compares to none, thank you for being beautiful.
  17. Looking into the mirror, I couldn’t see myself but you, you made me baby, you’re all I have.
  18. Like food to the hungry, and water to the thirsty, so is your love for me, I have found all I was missing, thank you damsel for loving me.
  19. You are engraved on the golden plate of my heart, you are valuable and unforgettable.
  20. The vacant position in my heart has been filled, please stay there rent-free, I don’t want a vacant heart anymore, neither do I need a new tenant, you are perfection re-defined.

Yes, that’s it, start sending those texts now.

Don’t forget to add some more that you consider being the most emotional text message.