Who is Mirko MHA in my hero academia

Mirko Mha is one of the characters in my hero academia.

She debuted in chapter 184 in May 2018 at 26 years of age back then.

Following her debut, she was warmly received and loved by many.

There are quite some interesting things to know about her.

That’s what you are about to read in this piece.

Mirko Mha was born in Hiroshima in Japan.

That sounds familiar, right?

Well, it’s not just about the world war II experience, great and lovable people are born there too.

She is the only character of my hero academia born in Hiroshima, Japan.

Mirko has her birthday on March 1st.

The interesting thing about it is that she has a birthday mate which happens to be a pro hero.

They are not of the same age, they only share march 1st as their birthday.

The pro hero is Tatsuyuki Tokonam and he is 10 years older than Mirko.

Another interesting thing to know about her is that she has an O blood type.

Interestingly her blood type personality for O blood type is the same as her known character.

She is self-confident, strong-willed, ambitious, and athletic.

That’s exactly what the O blood type personality says.

The concept of her character comes from the idea of a character in East Asian folklore called Moon Rabbit where it was believed that marks on the moon were giant rabbits.

You will see a similitude of this Mirko’s costume too.

Even the luna ring idea of the Mirko are all linked to this.

Interestingly, Mirko has a look-alike.

If you have watched the fairy tale movie titled Dragon Cry, the character Swan is like a twin of Mirko.

The movie was released a year before Mirko’s debut.

They both look almost the way even with their costume.

Mirko seems to be the only one in my hero academia with the belief to work alone.

She often chastises others for forming teams.

To her, they are weak.

But she is alone in her beliefs.

This also silently shows how powerful she is going by her results considering that she is working alone.

Mirko has emerged as the first high-ranking female superhero in Japan.

It’s great to know that she ranks fifth in the top high-ranking superheroes.

That’s a double honor being the first in female superhero folks.

That’s really a lot of achievement.

Mirko also called the rabbit hero has great leg strength which makes her kicks effectively shattering.

With this also comes the superhuman hearing ability.

That may be traced to her big rabbit-like ears.

In my hero academia, she possesses the highest speed.

The speed is just so incredible.

With these few details, I am confident that you now know Mirko Mha.

Although, there are still things that are hidden about this character.

As you watch, you will discover more.

I believe with this you have more than just a background detail.