What I do if my wife yells at me

It’s a personal method of how I handle the whole situation when my wife yells at me.

I will not hold anything back but will share everything here about what you can do when your wife yells at you.

A lot of folks keep asking if it’s normal for a wife to yell constantly for no good reason.

Stay glued as we will deal with the situation together from my experience.

On one of my outings with a close friend of mine, he asked me:

My friend, is it a normal thing that my wife yells at me?

And this yelling happens constantly for no good reason.

Said if she is anxious or if they were in the kitchen preparing meals, she will just yell and he feels terribly bad about it.

The big question is:

Is this normal?

Here is what I do if my wife yells at me

This could be termed domestic abuse at some point.

And I am being conditioned to obey others unquestioningly.

What I had to do is to reach out to an attorney and explain the position of things when I feel I’m in danger.

I call the police and also start documenting everything that is happening.

This is because if a claim of me abusing her is reported, she will be believed 100%.

But I already have the documentation of activities that have been happening often.

Is it normal for a wife to yell at her husband?

It is not normal 1 bit for the wife to yell at the husband.

She either requires medication, anger management therapy, or both. She needs to realize that what she is doing is completely wrong and unacceptable. She needs to get help, so tell her you’ll help her get help.

Also, schedule a meeting with a therapist.

What to do if your wife yells at you

I try a couple of things if my wife yells at me and I will also share them here with you so you can also try and hopefully it will also work for you.

First, try discussing her yelling and how it makes you feel with her. Don’t forget to hear her side of the story as well.

Try marriage counseling if that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference but your partner is still somewhat accommodating. Perhaps a specialist could offer assistance in resolving the yelling issue.

If your partner refuses to cooperate and you are unable to reach a fair settlement that would please both of you, then you will have either of these options to choose from:

  • Just leave it as is. But, there’s a chance that one of you may lose it eventually, and things will get violent. The psychological effects of a dysfunctional relationship are also not something I will talk about
  • If the marriage cannot be saved, it could be best to declare divorce and end the union permanently. Despite how difficult it is, things might actually turn out for the better.

Does your wife yell at you?

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