LULW meaning in the video gaming community

Do you know what LULW means?

LULW is common in the video gaming community and among Twitch users.

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A lot of people who have come across LULW in one way or the other have been asking to know what exactly it means in the video gaming community.

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LUL is just an image of TotalBiscuit laughing and it is best used when you think something is laughable.

This emote is explanatory and does not need too much explanation.

LUL and LULW can be used in the same context and they are the same thing.

The simple difference between LULW and LUL is that LULW is zoomed while LUL is not.

LULW meaning

The next time you see LULW anywhere, here is what you should make reference to.

LULW is a Twitch emote of the FrankerFaceZ and meme extension (portrays emotion in a theatrical way) used by gamers on Twitch.

It features a picture of video game critic John Bain.

As explained above LULW is a resized and inverted variation of the LUL Twitch emote.

In clear terms, “LULW” is the Twitch version of “Laugh out Lound” (LOL).

It is a kind of emotion to express laughter during funny situations as said earlier.

On Twitch, emojis can be called emote.

There are around 30,000 emotes that players use on Twitch.

LULW is very popular on game streamer chats.

LULW is a Twitch emoticon and is basically a user community.

LULW is an expression that is popular on Twitch and not basically the gaming community.

Also among Fortnite streamers and is an evolutionary version of LUL and LOL.

In principle, the image shows a TotalBiscuit Laughing image, which is LUL.

LULW, having a similar meaning, what differentiated them is just that emote is zoomed-in in LUL.

LULW meaning