Meaning of owa owa mean on TikTok? [See here]

What does Owa Owa means on Tiktok?

That’s exactly what you are about to read in this post.

TikTok has been the place where new slang, words, and phrases emerge these days.

It always comes with some form of fun.

Someone noted that if you want to catch up with new phrases and slang in town, be active on social media platforms especially on TikTok.

Well, that is the plain truth.

So, in the last few days, something new erupted out of TikTok.

It was the owa owa phrase.

It went even beyond TikTok to be a meme on Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s say, it broke the internet over the social media platforms.

Here is how it came into being.

When I saw this at first, I was like the Yoruba language landed on TikTok.

Because the ”owa owa” is the phrase used to inform bus drivers that you have gotten to your destination in Yoruba language.

But it actually means something else entirely following the TikTok saga that erupted the phrase.

Interestingly, the owa owa saga did not even originate from an account of a human being.

The account is owned by a dog.

Surprised? Yes, but you must know the account must have been managed by the owner of the dog.

So, what exactly happened that brought about this owa owa of a thing.

It was on a live video while the owner of the dog was on.

The dog actually jumped over to the microphone and barked into it like he was speaking into the microphone.

The sound was what trilled people and how it felt like the dog was doing as if he was speaking into it.

It is the sound that comes as owa owa.

So, owa owa was not a phrase or slang, it was actually a sound.

This has been trending over the social media platform space.

Starting with TikTok itself, Twitter, and Instagram.

Different people have been using it as memes on these platforms in their posts and responses to other people’s posts.

It’s interesting to note that with just this little video, Pudgywoke handle on TikTok is getting an increase in the number of followers.

It already has more than 180 million likes right now.

Even the Instagram account is accumulating more followers too.

The rate at which the followers and likes are growing does not look like something that will be coming down soon.

Interestingly, Pudgywoke handle’s on TikTok have lots of funny videos of the dogs.

That means it has been a while since the dog has been dazzling the world.

This one is just going viral to the end of the earth.

It is certain that dog lovers will definitely love this account because of the funny videos.

So, if you are one of them or you just love funny videos, simply check the handle.

So if you are intending to break the internet with your TikTok, just be consistent with the videos. Pudgywoke has been consistent, that’s why there are many funny videos on the profile before this one went viral.