Make the Most of Your Workday in 5 Easy Ways

In the culture of tech futurism and robots, companies want their employees to stay productive.

Add the capitalism principles, and now you know why an average corporate employee should make the most of their day.

Being productive is no longer a choice but a rule.

If you find yourself watching Netflix at your workplace, there is a big problem to solve.

How to get back to the corporate flow and squeeze in all work tasks?

Check the tips from our experts in the article below.

#1: Prioritize the Planning

Does your morning start with confusion in your mind and a lack of focus?

If this is so, you might lack organization and self-discipline all day long.

Your task list will stay full the entire week ahead, and your manager will be unhappy with you.

Sure, you can ask the cover letter writing services to mention self-organization among the core skills, but in the end, the truth will come out.

To avoid those nasty hire-and-fire situations, master the art of lists and deadlines.


The main secrets of planning your day are as follows.

  • Find a notebook that works for you. As you might already know, there are traditional paper planners and digital ones. Sure, the second option offers more opportunities. For instance, you can synchronize the planner with Gmail Calendar. However, not everyone will find the idea of a digital planner appealing. If the pen-and-paper option works perfectly for you, go for it!
  • Use scheduling apps. If you’re a fan of rising technologies, install a few scheduling apps. They have a reminders-and-notifications feature. Just type in the deadline for the task and wait for a notification to pop up on the screen.
  • Prioritize tasks. So, you’ve listed all tasks to be done. But which one should you start with? Think of a deadline first and significance second. Use different colors to underline the most and the least important tasks.

#2: Give Me a Break! 

Whether you’re a fan of breaks or not, we advise you to take them.

You’re not an AI, yet unable to work long periods without rest.

One needs breaks to re-energize and avoid exhaustion.

Otherwise, burnout will be a great distraction from your job.

How to make timely breaks and not feel guilty about them?

  • A Pomodoro technique. If you genuinely forget about making breaks, use a break-reminding technique. A Pomodoro technique is as old as the hills, but it will never lose its popularity. There are two types of rest-and-work schemes. It’s either you work for 50 minutes and rest for 10, or work for 20 minutes and rest for 5. You can set a timer or find Pomodoro-inspired playlists on YouTube.
  • Learn to recognize the break time. If you feel dizzy and tired and have cloudy thinking, get a break. Generally, headaches or dizziness are signals that your brain is exhausted.
  • Choose your favorite physical activity. Can’t imagine yourself dancing and jumping during your break time? Opt for meditation and yoga.

#3: Avoid Multitasking at All Costs

There is no magic in multitasking.

What multitasking offers is a huge possibility of failing all tasks.

A human brain has not been created for doing a few activities simultaneously.

In opposition to popular belief, your brain can perform one task at a time.

So, what to do if you’ve got tons of errands but multitasking is no longer an option?

  • Delegate. Your coworkers or subordinates will do the work instead of you. Just make sure the task has clear instructions.
  • Use smart technologies. A washing machine will do the laundry without your need to sit and watch it. Meanwhile, focus on tasks that require your direct action and interference.
  • Change the schedule. If you can perform the task a week from tomorrow, why not do it?

#4: Minimize Distractions

How many times did the chime of a Twitter message make you read all the recent tweets?

How many times did your colleagues take you to the office kitchen to tell you all the gossip?

Distractions have both human and technical factors. So, how can one deal with distractions smartly?


  • Download ad-blocking apps and tools that disable social media alerts. Use them each time you need to concentrate.
  • Find the specific time for social gatherings. For instance, tell your colleagues that the only time you can talk to them is lunch.
  • Stay away from places full of distractions. We all know that remote working in a pub does no good to your productivity.
  • Use headphones. Yeap, they are a godsend if your neighbors are noisy.

#5: Cut Your Commute Time

If you live in a megapolis, getting to your workplace might be a daunting task.

You don’t want to spend half of your life stuck in a traffic jam, right?

Check the ways how to optimize your commute time in the list below:

  • Change the vehicle. If you’re a proud car owner, your mornings might be pretty annoying. Why not switch to the subway or bus? It is a far cheaper and faster way to get to any place you want.
  • Read and learn. If you commute in a subway on a daily basis, make reading another habit. You’ll travel to work and educate yourself. Possibly, you’ll free your evening from some tasks if you transfer them to the commuting space.
  • Go remote. Ask your supervisor to allow you to work from home. In the COVID-19 era, most HRs show understanding.

Final Thoughts

Getting the most out of your workday is real.

Take your planning and self-discipline to the next level.

Don’t forget about breaks, avoid distractions, and make multitasking your worst enemy.

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By following these simple tips, you’ll become more organized and goal-focused.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!