Bongo Bingo? — What you must know before going

Before heading to Bongo Bingo, there are a couple of things that you must know before hitting the road.

This post promises to share with you some of the things that you must know before going to Bongo Bingo.

That way, nothing will ever surprise you on your arrival.

After all, you already had the information beforehand.

This information will be handy for people yet to have the experience.

Boring nights out can be averted by visiting Bongo’s Bingo.

Although the chances of winning a good gift are quite low, you aren’t there for the gifts; rather, you are there to enjoy the lively atmosphere and enjoyable music.

What you must know about Bongo Bingo

It’s not your average game of bingo — This isn’t the place for you if you don’t intend to let loose your inner child since Bongo’s isn’t for the timid.

Prepare yourself for a unique party experience if you want a good laugh and don’t mind dancing on tables.

The wild daytime extravaganza combines a typical game of bingo with dance-offs, rave intervals, and lots of chatter.

Be prepared for odd decorations, a lot of confetti, cocktail jugs, and noise.

The audience is primarily young, entertaining, and British.

At 16:00, the first game begins!

Simple rules apply: the first person to win a horizontal line screams “BINGO,” followed by the first person to win two lines, and ultimately the first person to win a full house.

Hold on, though, because if you call “BINGO” incorrectly, you’ll be called out and called a dickhead.

Be prepared to endure mockery, derision, and a mild form of public humiliation.

A dance-off is used to determine the winner if two persons simultaneously shout “BINGO.”

Never anticipate spending a lot of time sitting down — Everyone starts dancing on the tables less than five minutes in.

The funny host Alex Zane and his two (not-so-beautiful) assistants encourage everyone to get wild to rave-heavy dance songs like Darude’s “Sandstorm.”

There will always be a song played after every three or four digits that has something to do with the number.

‘Mambo Number 5’ is played at number 5, while ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA is played at number 17. Everyone leaps off the benches and begins to dance without any hesitation.

At least once, you’ll hear “Cotton-eyed Joe.” — Is it solely dance music?  That’s a no, of course.

In the UK, picture a cheesy nightclub or the disco area of an Oceana.

The unusual collection has a variety of songs, including energetic dance jams like Gala’s “Freed from Desire,” N-“Set Trance’s You Free,” and Alice DeeJay’s “Better Off Alone.”

Songs like “Jingle Bells,” “White Christmas,” “High School Musical,” “Westlife,” “Robbie Williams,” “Queen,” and “Craig David” are all timeless standards that everyone can sing along to and are perfect for sun-seeking vacationers!

Allow yourself to be carefree and give “Cotton-eyed Joe” good old knees up.

The prizes are beyond explanation — Okay, so we can’t promise you a luxurious vacation or a nice vehicle.

In fact, the majority of the prizes are quite average, bordering on lame.

But it’s all in good humor, and it’s a big part of what makes the environment so lighthearted and entertaining.

In reality, it seemed as though winning a box of Co-Co Pops or a double-ended dildo was a high-end prize!

It’s completely insane!

As the afternoon wears on, the prizes get greater.

The game starts off with prizes like a pool inflatable, a Henry Hoover, a bouncy hopper, and a cardboard cutout of Phillip Schofield (don’t ask), booze bottles, and the crucial cash reward.

No matter the prize, it can be your lucky day, so pay attention and try not to act like a “dickhead.”

Rowdieness is compulsory — The craziness happening all around you just makes you smile and giggle.

If you’re sitting on the benches with your bitch face resting, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

Twerking, body popping, and break dancing are all encouraged if you are invited to participate in a dance-off on stage.

Better yet, the crazier.

Expect to be invited up to take an award in style if you win.

It’s never easy to win, but you have to OWN IT, whether it means belting out a melody into the microphone, showcasing your party trick, getting naked, or taking part in a challenge.

This post will help you better understand Bongo Bingo.

Now you can decide whether or not you are really in for it.

There is Anything you feel I have left out, do not hesitate to reach out and the post will be updated accordingly.